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Documentation for the Manchester Thermal Analyzer


The current version of the MTA supports only Linux 64-bit X86_64. The test platform was CentOS 7. To run the provided script, please ensure Perl is installed on the system.

Manual available for download

Quick Start

  1. Download tar ball from this website.
  2. Unzip the tar ball:
    tar -xvf mta.tar.gz
  3. Check if the binary files are executable
    cd mta
    bin/heat -h
    bin/msh_gen -h
    ./ -h
    If the binary files are executable, help information is displayed in the terminal. If not, the OS issues errors.

    The binary files can be made executable by issuing the commands
    chmod a+x bin/heat
    chmod a+x bin/msh_gen
    chmod a+x ./
  4. The MTA can now execute thermal simulations. Please refer to the manual/tutorials for additional information.

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