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Computer Science Listserv email aliases

In 2015 Computer Science migrated a number of email aliases from the domain to the central university Listserv.

Please note if you are planning on setting up a listserv email address based in Computer Science you should use the prefix 'compsci-'

For Listserv support, visit the Listserv Mailing List Service page.

Academic staff

Contact all of Computer Science's academic staff.

Academic staff development committee (SDC)

Contact all of the Academic staff development committee (SDC).

Academic Support Office (ACSO)

Contact ACSO for printing, room booking, catering, travel and other general support.

Animation competition

Contact the administrators responsible for the annual Animation competition.

External affairs

Contact the Computer Science external affairs office.

Hardware library

Contact Computer Science's hardware librarians.

History curator

Contact Computer Science's history curators.

PGR mentors

Contact Computer Science's PGR student mentors.

Professional support staff (PSS)

Contact all of Computer Science's professional support staff (PSS).

Research associates

Contact all of Computer Science's research associates.

School promotions committee (SPC)

Contact members of the School promotions committee (SPC)

Social responsibility committee

Contact members of the Social responsibility committee

Timetable administrators

Contact Computer Science's timetable administrators.

Undergraduate (UG) committee

Contact Computer Science's undergraduate (UG) committee.

Undergraduate project administration

Contact Computer Science's administrators responsible for 3rd year projects.

Undergraduate staff student consultative committee

Contact Computer Science's staff student consultative committee.

Undergraduate year tutors

Contact Computer Science's year tutors.

Undergraduate year 1 tutors

Contact Computer Science's first year tutors.

Undergraduate year 2 tutors

Contact Computer Science's second year tutors.

User studies

A mailing list for those who want to receive announcements about opportunities to take part in scientific user studies, experiments and surveys that are run at the department of computer science.

Committee Listserv Emails


Committee Listserv Emails