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Visitor policy


The policy of the School, with regard to academic visitors, is to encourage members of staff to invite individuals, who have a good track record in their chosen field, whom they believe have the potential to make a valuable contribution to the output of their research group.

If you know someone who fits the above criteria and who wishes to spend some time in the School, possibly as a sabbatical, you should follow the procedure detailed below.


    • a current brief CV for the prospective visitor
    • present affiliation
    • timing of proposed stay
    • what contribution do you expect him/her to make to your current research?
    • what are your visitor's space/workstation requirements? can you provide them within your group's allocated space?
    • what administrative/secretarial support will he/she require?
    • has your visitor a source of funding? If a charge were to be made by the School for overheads/support who would pay?
  • The Director of Research should make a decision within two weeks of receiving the application. The criteria for acceptance should be based on on the contribution the prospective visitor is likely to make to the School's research. In some cases contribution to professional development or Postgraduate teaching may also be taken into consideration.
  • If the Director of Research decides the case is acceptable they will allocate a title to the prospective visitor (Visiting Professor/Fellow/Research Fellow) and then, if necessary, arrange for the appropriate people to supply a space for the visitor and relevant computer support e.g. workstation, account on a research domain machine.
  • The Director of Research will then pass the request on to the Head of the School who will send a letter to the Head of Academic Appointments asking permission to make the appointment. HoS will also send a letter to the prospective visitor, confirming that such a request has been made.
  • Normally this request will be approved and the Head of School will then send a letter to the prospective visitor formally inviting them to the School.