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Research seminars

Seminar categories

Within the School there are:

  1. School research seminars. These are research seminars presented to the whole school and should be of a broad interest. They are usually scheduled for 2 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon during term time. The school has funding for reasonable expenses for school seminars.
  2. Research group seminars; these are usually more focused seminars of particular interest to those in a particular research area, though may be of wider interest within the school and there is information here about advertising these seminars more widely.

School Seminars

School research seminars should be of importance and/or of a broad interest to all researchers in the school, PGR students, research associates and academic staff; even better, a seminar should attract UG and PGT students. Ideally presentations should follow the pattern of one third of broad background, one third for the target research area and one third for the presenter him- or herself. One of your duties as host for a School seminar is to help ensure that the presenter attracts as wider an audience as possible.

So, we want speakers to draw in wider audiences. If you have a group seminar and the speaker fits the bill, get the School to pay and we'll badge it as a School seminar; these do not have to be on a Wednesday afternoon. We can also have speakers from within the School and other bits of the University. The aim is to have talks of wider appeal and thus more people going to School seminars.

If you wish to propose a school seminar, contact Antoniu Pop once agreed Karon Mee in ACSO will organise dates, accommodation, etc.

School seminars will be advertised via Newsagent, which puts the seminar details on the a public facing research page and advertises the seminar via email lists. The seminar details will also be placed into the schedule of School seminars.

Research Group Seminars

If you wish to advertise your research group seminars more widely than your own group email list, use Newsagent's "Tell us" facility.