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Computer Science SharePoint


Computer Science has several Team Areas (aka site collections) within SharePoint. If you have questions about Computer Science's SharePoint facilities please contact Iain Hart.

In its simplest form SharePoint is a repository for documents with webpages to access the documents but it contains other more advanced features.

Computer Science team areas

Computer Science has a team area for forms and documents pertaining to the administration of the whole school and a second team area for committee minutes, agendas and documents.

Teaching staff should use the following resource to discover the needs of DASS registered students in their classes.

In addition to the School's team area most PSS offices have a team area for their internal work. If your office does not have access to a SharePoint team area but your work would benefit from doing so please contact Iain Hart.

Plus some other projects which are used by Computer Science staff.

  • EPS timetabling
  • PURE REF data sharing (readonly deprecated)
  • PURE REF data sharing
  • M2020
  • Logging in

    If you are asked to provide a username to log in to SharePoint prefix your username with DS\ (backslash) to indicate that you are connecting to the DS domain.

    • For example: DS\mbassxyz

    Staff desktop users should find that they are already logged in by the staff desktop.