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Technical Support Office (TECHSO)

Disambiguation (TECHSO / IT Services)

  • TECHSO provide support peculiar to the School of Computer Science.
  • University wide infrastructure is provided by IT Services.
Therefore for assistance with the following please contact IT Services help and support
  • Login and account problems.
  • Email support.
  • Network, server and wifi problems.
  • Software support on student laboratory machines.

TECHSO provide the following support

  • Hardware support for Computer Science's teaching laboratories.
  • Hardware support for Computer Science's clean room and nano-technology laboratories.
  • Hardware support for Computer Science's APT research group.
  • Software development for Computer Science teaching and administrative processes.
  • Interaction with IT Services to support teaching and research.
Information about IT infrastructure peculiar to the School of Computer Science can be found on the wiki


Technical Operations Manager
Hardware development
Software development

Requesting software development

To propose software development which is more involved than a trivial web edit, bug fix, or tinkering with a current system, please follow these steps.

  1. A written Requirements Specification must exist. The Technical Operations Manager, or another member of TECHSO, will meet with you to write such. You may, of course, write it yourself and pass on to us. It is expected that one to five pages - excluding any existing attachments - should be sufficient to capture requirements. (We will build up a body of these so you can see typical examples.)
  2. The Requirements Specification can be in any document format (Wiki, Word, Google Doc, etc.) provided it is kept online and version controlled.
  3. Before work starts the Requirements Specification will be agreed and signed-off by the Academic Sponsor of the work and the Technical Operations Manager.
  4. An outline Development Plan with milestones and delivery date will also be produced by Tech Support staff. It is acceptable for this to be a section of the Requirements Specification, especially for small to medium sized projects. If it is a separate document, points 2 and 3 above also apply to it.
  5. The Specification/Plan will include regular review meetings between the Academic Sponsor and Tech Support staff concerned, as well as the Technical Operations Manager. Meetings will normally be brief and can be held over Skype. Fortnightly is the expected frequency of such reviews.
  6. As part of the review process written Requests for Change (RFCs) will be assessed. Such requests must be agreed by the Academic Sponsor and the Technical Operations Manager. Documentation above will be revised as well as any revisions to deadlines and the impact on other work being performed by Tech Support staff (for an agreed and accepted RFC).