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Setting up your Google Scholar profile

Academic researchers, Research Associates and PhD students in the School are represented through the University's Google Scholar page.

Creating a profile

  1. If you have a Google Scholar profile and you're not currently included, just add "Computer Science and University of Manchester" to your profile. You should then appear. Remember to add your photo.
  2. If you do not already have a Google Scholar page, it can be set up very easily by:
    1. Go to Google scholar citations and sign in with your Google account
    2. Follow the steps 1 to 5 on the Google scholar help page.
    3. Add "Computer Science and University of Manchester" to your profile's affiliation.
    4. Add your photograph.
    5. Remember to make the profile public or nobody else will be able to see it. The default setting is *private*.
    6. Add co-authors using the help page above to create cross links to your collaborators in your profile.


  1. You get an automatically generated publications page; just use the link on your home page.
  2. You can track citations to your own papers.
  3. Google has an alerting service for papers that may be relevant to you (based on your profile).
  4. It helps advertise your papers to the world; if they are easier to find it is more likely that people might read them.
  5. It can help make the School's reputation.
  6. You can download the Bibtex and upload that into eScholar (though only with 50 entry points at once).