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  • School of CS newsletter

    Published: Wednesday, 08 November 2017

    Weekly newsletter for the School of CS

    [ top ]News from Head of School

    Computer Science Graduation Ceremony - 14th December

    Invitations to join the Academic Procession for the Computer Science Graduation Ceremony taking place at 14:30 on 14th December 2017 are currently being sent out via email directly from the University’s Graduation team to all academic staff.

    Please note the deadline to complete this is Friday 24th November 2017.

    If you have any problems logging into the Enet site here please email Ede and Ravenscroft via: Martyn Hamm

    gravatar Ruth Maddocks

    Kilburn Building Works

    The windows replacement work is nearing its completion. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week and the scaffolding will be gone by the start of next week. There will be snagging work to be done; if you have any glitches that need fixing in your offices that you believe we don’t know about, then contact Tony Mcdonald

    It’s been a long time coming and I thank all users of the building for their patience and tolerance. I certainly appreciate having opening windows in my office and I hope there is a general improvement in where we work as a result. I’d also like to thank Tony Mcdonald, James Fields and Liz Caine for managing the often trying process for the School.

    The bannister replacement in the first floor foyer is also progressing. It’s all taking shape and beginning to  look rather smart. Unfortunately, the Courtyard work is still progressing rather slowly. There’s been a long delay while a new contract was issued so that the leaks in the roof could be fixed. The observant among you may have noticed the wall around the light well has been dismantled yet again. This is to make sure that the fix for the leaking roof meets all rules and regs so that a guarantee can be in place. The work on the Courtyard should be finished by the end of the calendar year, with new windows, a level surface and doors from the foyer and old walkway that go straight out on to the surface without ramps or steps. After this, the old walkway wil be brought into some usable, social space.

    gravatar Ruth Maddocks

    [ top ]News and announcements

    Physiology Friday - Talk given by Duncan Hull

    As part of the annual Physiology Friday, Duncan Hull gave a talk at the Physiological Society in London examining how biographies of scientists are viewed in Wikipedia, using the crude measure of PageViews of Fellows of the Royal Society biographies. The talk is now available on YouTube.

    gravatar Ruth Maddocks

    Speed Networking STEM event with schoolchildren from Whalley Range High School for Girls

    Volunteers are needed to participate in the Speed Networking STEM event with schoolchildren from Whalley Range High School for Girls. People are needed with a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) or Public Service areas to hold short talks/workshops with small groups of girls throughout the day in a 'Speed Networking' format.  The aim of this activity is to inspire the girls by allowing them to meet with people from various professions and spend a few minutes experiencing the vast array of opportunities that are open to them within STEM industries.

    All paperwork, and guidance will be provided and is a great chance to better understand our future workforce.  DBS clearance is not required as you will not be left alone with the students at any time.  Staff should contact the event coordinator for more information and to volunteer for the event: Anna Browne



    Thursday 7th December


    9:00am - 2:30pm (Lunch is provided)


    Whalley Range High School for Girls


    Connell , East Manchester

    Places Available:


    gravatar Ruth Maddocks

    Theorem Proving Competition Success Again

    For another year, the teams behind Vampire and iProver have won major divisions in CASC, the annual World Championship for Theorem Proving, and SMT-COMP, the annual World Championship for SMT solvers. The research and development of Vampire is lead by Andrei Voronkov and Giles Reger and that of iProver is led by Konstantin Korovin and Julio Cesar Lopez Hernandez.

    In CASC, Manchester led the scoreboard in all 6 of the divisions entered by Vampire and iProver (out of 7 divisions in total). Vampire came first in 5 divisions, including the main division, and iProver defended its title in the effectively propositional (Bernays–Schönfinkel) class. In SMT-COMP, Vampire won 4 divisions, outperforming SMT solvers (Vampire is not an SMT solver) on problems typically suited to SMT solvers.

    These successes build on Manchester’s long history of world-leading theorem proving. Vampire has now won the main division (FOF) in CASC for 18 years in a row and in the history of the competition Vampire has won 43 trophies and iProver (starting 9 years later) has won 11.

    gravatar Ruth Maddocks

    [ top ]Tech Support News

    Video Conferencing in 2.33

    Thanks to Stephen Rhodes, the new (audio-)video conferencing equipment in 2.33 is now fully installed and useable. Shortly, we will write a crib sheet for how to use it for Skype video calls. Skype, and similar conferencing systems, will allow, for example, students anywhere is the world to feel they are part of a meeting held in 2.33. Another obvious use of this equipment is for interviewing remote candidates for jobs or studentships.

    In the meantime, from 6 Nov 2017, we will leave a simpler crib sheet in the room that just tells you various ways to use the ultra high definition TV as an alternative to the (lower resolution) projector.

    Given the high value of this equipment we propose to have a key code lock on 2.33. Staff and postgrads will be able to get the number from ACSO or myself (Ian Cottam) once installed.

    gravatar Ian Cottam

    gravatar Ruth Maddocks
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