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  • School of CS newsletter

    Published: Monday, 11 April 2016

    Weekly newsletter for the School of CS

    [ top ]News from Head of School

    Last minute staff-student coding entrants?

    The annual Staff versus Students Coding Competition takes place this Weds 13 April.  Teams can be staff, students or mixed.  But places are limited so Sign up now! Teams of 2 compete against others for fantastic prizes, solving 5 algorithmic challenges.  Write in Java/C++/Python. Starts 14:30 in Collab, with FREE PIZZA, followed by a trip to KRO Bar.

    gravatar Jim Miles

    Levenshulme travelling Market - Tuesdays.

    Levenhulme’s travelling food and drink market is back on campus, every Tuesday 11:30–14:30 on Bridgeford Street, next to the Manchester Museum. Italian street food, gyoza, bao, kimchi, hot dogs, Polish specialties including pierogi dumplings, gourmet burgers, luxury ice cream, and up to 20 flavours of chocolate brownies.

    gravatar Jim Miles

    [ top ]News and announcements

    Martin’s Podcast – your new briefing direct from the Dean!

    To improve communications across the Faculty our Vice-President and Dean, Professor Martin Schröder, has produced his own podcast to give all staff an update on Faculty priorities and key work streams.

    In this pilot edition, Martin will take you through his rationale for starting a podcast, recent updates to help you make an impact with your research and Faculty changes including new appointments to the Faculty Leadership Team, MECD, our name change and the new School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

    Martin’s Podcast is primarily for research and academic staff within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science at the University of Manchester but all staff members will find something of interest to them in this new Faculty publication  

    gravatar Karen Corless

    Visiting Professor and Scientic Advisor to NaCTeM awarded prestigious Okawa prize.

    Prof Jun'ichi Tsujii, Scientic Advisor to NaCTeM and director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Center at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, has been awarded the Okawa prize, for his pioneering contributions to research in computational linguistics and natural language processing including machine translation and text mining. 

    The Okawa Prize is awarded to pay tribute to and publicly recognise outstanding, international level contributions to research, technological development and business in the information and telecommunications fields.

    gravatar Thomas Wise

    Dr Daniel Dresner comments on the security flaws at the heart of the Panama Papers scandal for Wired

    Dr Daniel Dresner has commented on the security flaws at Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers scandal, for


    gravatar Thomas Wise

    [ top ]Events

    Computer Science in action at the Trafford Centre - 23 & 24 April

    In a new venture, the University is putting on a science spectacular at the Trafford Centre (weekend of the 23rd and 24th April). The School of Computer Science will be there on Saturday 23rd April, 10am-6pm, with (a) make a robotic friend - party with our robots and code them too! and (b) 

    explore virtual worlds - enter your own virtual 3D world and learn about computing. We will be in front of the stage, in an area usually used for dining. 

    Do come along and say hello. We might need some moral support amongst the throngs of shoppers! There will be plenty for your children too, including a radio telescope, a flight simulator and some real moon-rock.

    David Rydeheard

    gravatar Jim Miles

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