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  • School of CS newsletter

    Published: Friday, 15 February 2019

    Weekly newsletter for the School of CS

    [ top ]News from Head of School


    The Faculty of Science and Engineering’s Better World Showcase celebrates staff and students who are making a difference through various social responsibility projects. They've taken posters about these projects on a roadshow to highlight the great work that goes on across the Faculty, and developed a virtual version of it as well:

    This year, our school won in 2 categories:

    19. Community Security Operations Centre, an initiative led by Daniel Dresner, won the category "Outstanding contribution to equality, diversity and inclusion”

    32. Project Malawi 2018, an initiative started by David Rydeheard and now involving a team of CS people including Dave Ames, Gabija Bernotaite, Hannah Berrisford, Jamie Chadwick, Benjamin Hall, Martyn Haxell, Sophie Jaques, Christian Kindermann, Karon Mee, Benjamin Possible, and Sam Walsh, won the category "Outstanding public engagement initiative”

    We also had 2 more nominations, and will put up 4 posters about these impressive initiatives in the school.

    6. Blockchain/AI 4 Utility Services: a team consisting of Richard Banach, Ke Chen, Jonathan Shapiro, Ayesha Naureen, and William Woof, was nominated in the category “Outstanding benefit to society through research"

    22. BeeLife, an initiative started by Simon Harper and now involving a team of CS people, was nominated in the category "Outstanding contribution to environmental sustainability”


    gravatar Karon Mee

    Charity auction for Project Malawi

    Some of you will have noticed that we did not hold our usual charity auction for Children in Need. Instead, this year we will hold the auction in support of Project Malawi.

    The auction will be opened on Monday 18th March 2018 and will close at 16:00 on Friday 22 March 2018.

    We are taking donations now in ACSO (Kilburn room 2.03) – Anything from jewellery, unwanted gifts, bottles of gin/wine etc., cuddly toys, chocolates and other interesting artifacts! All for a fabulous cause……Details will follow soon.


    gravatar Karon Mee

    Senate elections

    Elections of staff to sit on the university Senate are taking place. Those that are eligible to vote should have received an email (search for "Senate Elections"). Biographical information about each candidate can be found on the mi-vote site (accessed using the link below).

    The ballot for this election will be held on-line over a two week period. Members of the academic and research group within the Faculty, registered on the electoral roll as at 31 January 2018 are eligible to vote in the election. Each voter can vote for no more than six candidates to take up the places that are available within this electoral group. Only those on the electoral roll will receive voting information.

    To cast your vote or votes, please visit the email you've received has a unique code you need in order to vote. the Senate is an important body for the academic governance of the University, so do use your vote. the list of candidates is:

    Dr Mark Coleman, nominated by Professor Jitesh Gajjar and Professor Louise Walker

    Dr Antonino Filippone, nominated by Dr Nicholas Bojdo and Dr Adel Nasser

    Professor Sarah Haigh, nominated by Professor Brian Derby and Professor Joseph Robson

    Professor Simon Harper, nominated by Professor Sarah Heath and Professor Robert Stevens

    Dr Gregory Lane-Serff, nominated by Professor Philippa Browning and Professor Jitesh Gajjar

    Professor Stephen Liddle, nominated by Professor David Collison and Professor Andrew Horn

    Dr Adel Nasser, nominated by Professor Hector Iacovides and Professor Peter Stansby

    Dr Robin Preece, nominated by Professor Mike Barnes and Professor Ian Cotton

    Professor Simon Rowland, nominated by Professor Ian Cotton and Professor Ian Kinloch

    Professor William Sampson, nominated by Professor Sarah Cartmell and Professor Ian Kinloch

    Professor David Schultz, nominated by Professor Geraint Vaughan and Louise Walker

    Dr Delia Vazquez, nominated by Professor Sarah Cartmell and Dr Gianpaolo Vignali


    gravatar Karon Mee

    Radio 4: the Bottom Line

    Last week's broadcast on radio 4 of The Bottom Line was all about the "higher education business". It was mostly an interesting listen - do Listen again; it's there for a month.

    gravatar Karon Mee

    [ top ]Events

    EPSRC Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050 - deadline 21/02/2019

    EPSRC will shortly be inviting outline proposals for Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050.

    The Healthcare Technologies Theme aims to invest in research to support the next generation of underpinning science and emerging technologies. The focus of this call is Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050; technologies expected to have an impact within the next 30 years for the NHS, community or home care and an ageing workforce. We are looking to support visionary projects which could create a step change in how healthcare is delivered.

    An information day for this call will take place on 27 March 2019 in Birmingham and interest must be registered by 21 February.

    Further call and event information 

    gravatar Su Smith

    HDRUK Digital Innovation Hub Roadshow: Manchester - 2nd April 2019

    Health Innovation Manchester would like to invite you to attend the Digital Innovation Hub Roadshow for Academics & Healthcare Professionals on 2nd April in Manchester, being organised by Health Innovation Manchester and Health Data Research UK.

    The Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Roadshow aims to engage those working with health data in academia and the healthcare system in the DIH programme. The Programme is a UK-wide initiative to enable the safe and responsible use of health-related data at scale for research and innovation, led by Health Data Research UK. This event will give you an opportunity to learn about the plans for the Digital Innovation Hubs, and help feed into the programme’s formation.

    Attendees will hear from Gerry Reilly, Chief Technology Officer at Health Data Research UK, as well as a local case study providing an example of the impact that health data is already having in Greater Manchester. There will be an opportunity for networking over breakfast.

    To learn more about the event and register your interest click here. Places are limited, so you’re encouraged to apply early.


    gravatar Karon Mee

    [ top ]Research News

    Paper published - congratulations to Tingting Mu and collaborators

    Congratulations to Tingting Mu and her collaborators.

    We are very pleased to announce that our paper on data seriation has been selected to the 7th edition of "World Leading papers" In-Abstract series.

    X. Evangelopoulos, A. J. Brockmeier, T. Mu, J. Y. Goulermas, Continuation methods for approximate large scale object sequencing, Machine Learning, In press.

    gravatar Karon Mee

    [ top ]Tech Support News

    Changes to research data storage

    Important changes to University rules and allowances for research data storage have been published:


    gravatar Ian Cottam

    [ top ]Social Responsibility

    Knickers needed!

    We are still collecting underwear for women and children. All donation very welcome to Mel or Karon in ACSO. 

    Emmeline’s Pantry is a local foodbank for vulnerable women and their families. Many of these families have escaped domestic abuse and had to leave behind all their family belongings or been victims of trafficking. Unlike other foodbanks Emmeline’s Pantry lets the women choose their own food, so that they can pick what suits their family’s needs and also so that the women learn to make decisions again.

    During February they are appealing for additional donations of new packs of women and children’s underwear. So if you’re heading to M&S or your local supermarket please consider knickers or alternatively items from the list below. All help is massively appreciated.


    Emmeline’s Pantry foodbank always needs:


    Tea / coffee / sugar

    Tinned fruit, vegetables, baked beans, meats and fish

    Other long life food items (cereals etc)

    Biscuits /crisps (treats for families)

    Toiletries for mums, babies, children & teens

    Nappies (all sizes) and sanitary products

    Clothes detergent

    Clothing / footwear for women, children and teens


    gravatar Karon Mee

    gravatar Karon Mee
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