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Action to be taken in the Event of an Emergency

Out of Hours is before 08.00 or after 18.00 Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

If you discover a fire

Set off fire alarm by pressing nearest call point, leave building by nearest emergency exit and make your way to the assembly point, which is outside Aardvark cafe (Kilburn building), or outside University Place Halls of Residence (for IT building users).

If you hear an alarm (continuous or intermittent)

Leave by the nearest emergency exit and report in person to the Loading Bay on Wilton Street (as above)

Any incident requiring first aid

Contact Security on 52728 or 69966

Problems with flooding, serious roof leaks, pipe leaks

Contact the porters' lodge on 56262

Problems with electrical supply failure (general not an individual machine failure)

Contact the porters' lodge on 56262 or security on 52728 or 69966

Major technical systems failure

Contact IT Services

Health & Safety policy

More information including Health & Safety policy available on the health policies page.

Out of hours emergencies

Out of Hours Emergency Procedures