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Changing personnel lists on office doors

Name Lists on Rooms

We have a process for ensuring that names on rooms are correct and kept up to date. This is necessary for the appearance of the School and to help the building attendants who deliver the post.

Rooms with individual name plates

  1. Email to say
    1. a new name plate is needed for a room
    2. the room number
    3. which name plate it is to replace (if appropriate)
  2. Environs staff will arrange to get the name printed and put into a name plate slot on the door.

Rooms with multiple names in A5 or A4 frames

The following process should be used by the room occupants, the manager of the room occupants or by a research group administrator.

  1. Email to say
    1. the room number
    2. which name(s) need to be removed from the list
    3. which name(s) need to be added to the list

Note: when giving names please make it clear which name is the FAMILY NAME. The lists in the frame are in alphabetical order by family name to make it easier to find an individual name.

ACSO will replace your old sign with the new amended version.