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Conference checklist

  1. Conference organisers should set up an account with finance and get the forms/systems needed for financial transactions in place.

  2. Conference organisers need to ensure they have a budget for possible expenditures. Click here for a list of common expenditures

  3. When deciding the date of the conference make sure that it doesnít clash with similar events within the University, UK or Europe, or major events (e.g. World Cup) that the delegates may wish to attend.

  4. Set up and test website for conference including online registrations which the conference organiser and secretary can access.
    • It is recommended that you use the University's 'e-Store' for conference registrations as this is a secure system with administrator access
    • Ensure that a closing date for registration is set so that people canít register up to the last minute and leave the organisers without time to prepare.
    • Ensure that there is a question on the registration pages asking the delegate what their disability status is and if they have any special requirements.
    • Keep track of who is exempt from payment during the registration process so that no one claims exemption falsely.

  5. Set up and test email alias for conference organisers so that the organising team are aware of communications from potential delegates.

  6. When organising the venue for the conference ensure that local health and safety rules are adhered to. Speak to the Environment Manager and the Deputy Building Superintendent of the relevant building about this.

  7. Find out if the conference venue is fully or partially accessible to disabled people, ask Mrs Linda Turnbull in the Estates Ė Support Services Group or the relevant Deputy Building Superintendent.

  8. Find out when the Fire Safety test is for the venue and the meeting point for real emergencies. Inform delegates at the beginning of the conference of these points.

  9. It may be necessary to fill out a risk assessment form for the event which can be found here. Speak to the Environment Manager about this.

  10. Signage may be needed to warn people of steep stairs or awkward entrances.

  11. Signage may be needed in the building to direct delegates and advertise the conference. Kilburn has electronic signs which can display conference details (ask Academic Support Office). There are also university wide electronic signs which can advertise the conference (ask Mr Richard Handscombe).

  12. Organise accommodation for delegates.
    • Conference organiser may wish to make a block booking with student halls or a local hotel.
    • Ensure that conference organisers have a point of contact with the accommodation for late bookings/amendments/late or early arrivals, etc.
    • Conference organisers may want to book certain invited speakers in different accommodation e.g.: Chancellors.

  13. Keep track of payments received, chase up people who havenít paid or whose payment has been rejected.

  14. Conference organisers may wish to create official letters on headed paper stating grant awards to delegates e.g.: EPSRC letters saying what the individual has been awarded, up to £250 for travel, £130 for accommodation, £90 for registration fee.

  15. Conference secretary should make badges for delegates before the conference.

  16. Hire any equipment needed for conference events. For example data projectors/internet connection would have to be arranged within the School or if we are using another venue (such as Chancellors).

  17. Think about excursions/transport for conference events.

  18. Think about catering:
    • Ask delegates if they have any special requirements, such as vegetarian or kosher.
    • Ensure there is a deadline for delegates to let organisers know of special requirements so that whoever is providing the catering can organise it.

  19. Create the conference proceedings. These can be printed in house or by a publisher.

  20. Raise a service desk request if you need wireless access or guest accounts for the delegates.

  21. Set up times and staff for registration. For more registration information please see this page:
    General Events Information

  22. Conference organiser to send welcome email to all participants before the conference begins, organiser may want to include maps of the area.

  23. If students are needed to help out, contact the the Student Support Office who can normally contact undergraduates. Get forms from the Finance Office to pay them.

  24. Organise out of hours passes from the Student Resource Centre for delegates if needed.

  25. Car parking. For more information regarding car parking please see this page:
    General Events Information

  26. Email Newsletter submissions in order to advertise the conference in the Computer Science Newsletter.

  27. If there is an accident during the conference, it may be necessary to fill out an Accident Form, which can be found here:
    For more information on this please see this page:
    General Events Information

  28. See the General Events Information page for useful contacts and information for conferences and events