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19 January 2015


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News and announcements

Kilburn Club: Careers with Computing                                            27 Jan 15

The next meeting of the School’s Kilburn Club will take place on Tuesday 27th January and the topic of this meeting will be "Careers with Computing".


Led by Dr Suzanne Embury and Dr David Rydeheard, this will be an exciting and innovative event where teachers will have an opportunity to talk with computing practitioners across a wide range of sectors, from traditional computing companies, through media and entertainment, to the wealth of new applications of computing. The intention is that the evening’s activities will produce documents that teachers can use as careers guidance and skills advice.


If you’d like to attend and have the chance to network with our key contacts from local Schools, feel free to join us in the Staff Common room from 17:30.


More info

Newest CS Research Newsletter out now!

The winter edition of our School Research Newsletter is out. Take a look at our REF results and some recent research news stories from Computer Science.

Electronic version:

Hard copies: will be available outside KB2.7 this week.

Contact Sarah Chatwin with any comments or ideas for future editions.


Brussels Info Day

Richard Banach attended the recent Brussels Info Day on the forthcoming calls on the Internet of Things, Low Power Computing and Factories of the Future. Interest in the IoT was enormous, in the other topics much lower.


One payoff for attending and presenting at similar events in areas close to one's interests is the contacts it can bring that may prove potentially useful down the line (due to the fact that everyone else there is potentially looking for project partners too). This applies not only for proposals aimed at the headline call, but can prove useful more widely for other types of call in the future. One piece of gossip that goes round concerns the typical success rate of proposals in H2020: from 7% down to 3% (in the case of one call).

RETHINK big Synthesis Workshop

On 9-10 December 2014, the RETHINK big team from Manchester attended the project’s Synthesis Workshop in Barcelona.

Football success

Congratulations to Jez Lloyd for being part of the winning team at Wednesday's inaugural university wide staff five-a-side tournament representing EPS-PSS.

Item on Staffnet news



Ximbio/UMIP research reagent event                                         20/21 Jan 15

Tuesday 20th January: Michael Smith Building

Wednesday 21st January: MIB John Garside Building.


Ximbio ( is the research reagent business unit from Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the development and commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK.


Researchers interested in learning how Ximbio can help increase the global visibility of their new and already developed research tools, and help manage requests for those reagents, are invited to contact Dr Melanie Hardman from Ximbio (or call on 020 3469 6449 or 07733 220175) to arrange a one-to-one discussion. Alternatively Melanie will be available at the Ximbio exhibition stand on the dates given above.

More info

Bio-health lunch meetings                                                              21 Jan 15

13:00, 2.33, Kilburn building.


There is a large amount of activity in the bio-health area across the School. Knowledge of what's happening in this area is not as widespread as it could be. To try and counteract this and to promote cross-fertilisation and some hybrid vigour, we'd like to start an informal monthly bio-health lunch meeting forum for news, views, gathering opinion, asking questions and so on.


We'll do a round table and talk about what we'd want such meetings to do, how often and where. Please feel free to bring your lunch.


Contact Robert Stevens or Goran Nenadic for more details.

Practical IEEE Session for EPS                                                       28 Jan 15

12:30-14:30, E7, Renold Building.


Understand more about publishing in IEE journals with this practical session by IEEE, presented by Julia Stockdale.


More details and book

For more information contact Hazel Bentley.

Vice President and Dean’s EPS Faculty Open Meeting                   28 Jan 15

12-13:00, G53, Chemistry building, number 61 on the interactive map.

This is a great opportunity to meet
Professor Stephen Flint – our new acting Vice President and Dean for EPS. Please bring along any questions you have about your own area of work, EPS strategy, MECD, EPS projects or policies.

You can pre-submit questions by emailing Satnam Kaur or calling on 64045. The meeting will be filmed and available on the EPS intranet in early February.



Funding Opportunities

Research Support Office

Please contact us through

There is information about support for grant writing, submission and successful examples at and through EPS. The EPS blog The Word contains features News, Events and comment relevant to Postgraduate Researchers, Research Staff and Supervisors or PIs.


Important: Changes in EU Funding Opportunities

More detailed information is available now that for Horizon2020 has started (the successor of FP7 EU programme). EU research funding is important for the School and it’s important to understand what’s available


EU funding-related documents are placed by the University's EU team at:
The easiest way to find these documents is to search using the keyword: 'Horizon 2020'


A great resource recommended by the ICT National Contact Point is, which also provides handy overview documents.


MDC PGR Conference Travel Fund for EPS         31 Jul 15 or until allocated

Closing date: Apply asap (first come, first served). Decisions will be made at the monthly EPS Graduate Committee meetings up until 31 July 2015 or until the Fund is fully allocated.


The Manchester Doctoral College (MDC) has granted the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences a small amount of funding to support Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) attending national or international research conferences. This fund enables PhD researchers in their 2nd year or later to apply for support to attend a conference where they have been accepted to present a talk or a poster. You must be presenting or the Fund cannot support you. A major stipulation of the Fund is that it only be used in situations where funding has first been looked for externally.


Full details and application form

Research Collaborations with BRAZIL - Royal Academy of Engineering

Closing date: 10:00 on Monday 26 January, 2015.


The Newton Research Collaboration Programme provides up to £24k funding to support exchanges of 3-12 months between researchers in science and engineering disciplines from the UK and Brazil.


The lead institution must be from the UK and all research collaborations under this call must begin between March 1st 2015 and March 31st 2015 and end by March 31st 2016. More details can be found here.


The call is financed by the UK Government’s Newton Fund which supports R&D and innovation links between the UK and select developing countries.

TASCC: Towards Autonomy - Smart and Connected Control         29 Jan 15

Closing date: 16:00, 29 January 2015.


The EPSRC Engineering and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Themes in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are inviting outline proposals that explore research in the area of 'Smart and Connected Control' around the central challenge of moving towards a fully autonomous car.

RCUK Digital Economy Fellowships in DE priority areas                 28 Feb 15

Closing date: 28 Feb 2015

Awards can be up to 5 years in durations starting in Oct 2015 and applicants should request the resources they need to deliver the DE research of their proposed fellowship. Priority areas:

·       Social computing

·       Business and economic models

·       Advancing the Internet of Things for DE

Please email your intention to submit in advance. For further guidance, please contact

More info

Royal Society-DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative                    19 Mar 15

Closing date: 19 March 2015.


This programme is for scientists who want to develop collaborative research consortia between scientists in sub-Saharan Africa and a research institution in the UK.

More info

The Royal Photographic Society International Images for Science 23 Mar 15

Closing date: 23 March 2015


Calling all scientists, photographers, researchers and students this is an opportunity to submit your photographs of scientific importance. We encourage images that document all fields of science, including the application of science to engineering, from the microscopic to the astronomic. 100 final images will be selected by a judging panel to form a touring exhibition that will open during the British Science Festival in Bradford 2015. International Images for Science is supported by Siemens.


Featured Research Outcomes


Did you know…papers featured in the newsletter also go on display in the Kilburn Building (outside finance: 2.03)? Send your new publications to Robert Stevens so that more people get to know about your research.


EMPATHY: Enriching Metabolic PATHwaY models with evidence from the literature

Prof. Pedro Mendes; Prof. Sophia Ananiadou; Dr Neil Swainston; Prof. Douglas Kell; Dr Rafal Rak

Funding: £742k

Funders: BBSRC and Unilever


A number of genome-scale metabolic network models exist, but abundant evidence indicates that even mature ones are highly incomplete. It is certain that evidence for many of the 'missing' reactions already exists, but is hidden in the literature, and with more than 23 million papers in PubMed alone, no one can read them.


The aim of this 3 year project is to utilise text mining to extract information necessary for the construction of metabolic network models from the large number of scientific articles that are published daily. The results of these analyses will be presented to model developers, who will judge and extract this information to develop existing metabolic models further. Based on NaCTeM's existing text mining infrastructures, Argo and PathText, we will integrate text mining solutions with metabolic models for management and reconstruction.


The outcomes or deliverables of this research will be:

  1. a change in how genome-scale metabolic models are constructed and visualised, by incorporating state-of-the-art text-mining methods;
  2. new methods for the validation of metabolic reconstructions;
  3. improved metabolic reconstructions of the key organisms H. sapiens, S. cerevisiae, and E. coli.


Selected publications

O'Mara-Eves, A., Thomas, J., McNaught, J., Miwa, M. and S. Ananiadou: "Using text mining for study identification in systematic reviews: a systematic review of current approaches"; Systematic Reviews (2015) 4:5, DOI: 10.1186/2046-4053-4-5


Samantha V. Adams, Alexander D. Rast, Cameron Patterson, Francesco Galluppi, Kevin Brohan, José-Antonio Perez-Carrasco, Thomas Wennekers, Steve Furber, Angelo Cangelosi;
Neural Information Processing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8836, 2014, pp563-570.

Proton transport through one-atom-thick crystals; S. Hu, M.

Lozada-Hidalgo, F. C. Wang, A. Mishchenko, F. Schedin, R. R. Nair, E. W. Hill, D. W. Boukhvalov, M. I. Katsnelson, R. A. W. Dryfe, I. V.Grigorieva, H. A. Wu, A. K. Geim:

Nature 516, 227–230, doi:10.1038/nature14015

Congratulations to the following students on their successful PhDs!

Georgios Kontonatsios (supervised by Prof. Sophia Ananiadou; co-supervised by Dr Ioannis Korkontzelos) for the thesis: Automatic Compilation of Bilingual Terminologies from Comparable Corpora.
Keng Yap Ng (supervised by Dr Kung Kiu Lau) for the thesis: Incremental construction of component-based Systems: A study based on Software Component Models.


Have we missed something? If you have some award news that you would like us to know about please contact Sarah Chatwin.