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26 May 2014


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News from Head of School

Carole Goble nominated for Inspiring Women 2014




Carole Goble was nominated for the Technology category of the 2014 Inspiring Women Awards. The awards ceremony was held on Thursday 15th May at the Midland Hotel. The photo shows Carole with Dr Sheila Kanani who runs @STEMMsisters and who won the Technology award.





News and announcements

University of Manchester Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase

Deadline for applications: 17:00 on Wednesday 28th May 2014


Event: Tuesday 24th June 2014, Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester


Manchester Doctoral College are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural University of Manchester Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase (UoM-PSRS), a unique poster-session that will exhibit the diversity of research conducted by postgraduate researchers across the entire University.  The event will provide a great opportunity to network, whilst providing exciting new avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration.


For postgraduate researchers, UoM-PSRS is a special chance to present your own research before peers and senior research staff, and gain constructive feedback on your presentation skills.  The experience will be invaluable in building your academic profile, by both showcasing your research before a non-expert audience and by making key contacts.


For academic staff, UoM-PSRS is not only a chance to appreciate the vast multitude of research that takes place, but it also presents an opportunity to meet groups from different schools and faculties who may have common areas of interest.

Further information on showcase

Faculty of Humanities Urban Research Directory

Cities@manchester is a research centre based within the Faculty of Humanities which seeks to draw together staff from across the university who are committed to an increased understanding of the global urban condition, past, present and future. It has a directory of university staff who are doing urban-focused research.


If you would like to publicise your research interests and city specialisms via this directory please email the following information to

  • Title and name
  • Role/position within the university
  • Faculty/School/Department
  • Three keywords highlighting your research interests
  • Any cities where you feel you have a specialism

You’ll be added to the directory with a link to your main university research profile.

FET Consultation Invitation                                                            15 Jun 14

Closing date: 15 June 2014


The Commission has launched an open consultation on the 9 thematic areas currently covered by the FET Work Programme:



- Time for time (exploring the notions of time);

- Constructive symbiosis,

- Bottom-up intelligent construction;

- Ecological technology;

- New possibilities at the nano-bio-chem interface;

- Knowing, doing and being;

- Nano-optomechanical technologies;

- Quantum technologies;

- Global Systems Science.


We are also asked to consider any new state-of-the-art ideas and scientific and technological challenges that need to be tackled in the next 5-10 years and which are not currently covered by the 9 topics.   Consultation is being done mainly through online discussions but there is an email address to make direct contact too – you can also contact Craig Sharp National Contact Point for the UK in this area:

2016/17 FET Work Programme

As well as information from the public consultation, the FET Advisory Panel will also feed into the future FET work programme. There are two UK based panel-members: Prof. Muffy Calder from the School of Computing and Science (Glasgow) and Prof. Nigel Gilbert, Director of the Centre for Research in Social Simulation (Surrey).  At the February meeting Muffy Calder was appointed as chair of the FET Advisory Group - other members of the Panel include representatives from EC and DG CONNECT.  To make the Panel more visible, all papers and agendas should be made available to the public online.

2014/15 Calls Update


Results of the FET-Proactive calls should be known by 1 Sept - FET Proactive supports emerging themes and structure communities of promising exploratory research themes which are not yet ready for inclusion in industry research roadmaps - FET Proactive helps to build up and structure new interdisciplinary research communities around these new themes.  Three themes were covered in the April call - Time for time; Quantum technologies; and Global Systems Science - a further call on HPC closes 25 Nov -



The 1st cut-off date of FET-Open will be on 30 Sept - FET Open represents 40% of the overall FET budget - FET Open supports early stage joint science and technology research around new ideas for radically new future technologies



Human Behaviour Network Seminar                                               27 May 14

Accessibility of Big/Broad Data: Adapting Interfaces to Suit Our Senses

12-13:00, Atlas 2, Kilburn building

Dr Simon Harper from School of Computer Science.

Free to attend.

Link to registration page:

Link to our website page:

EPSRC Assistive, Adaptive and Rehabilitative Technologies Sandpit  5 Jun 14

Closing date: 5 June 2014

Event: 1-5 September 2014

Call for participants: The EPSRC is running a sandpit in the broad area of assistive and rehabilitative devices in order to try to engender a radical change in the research undertaken in this field in the UK.

SupraBiology: Supercomputing for Systems Biology                16-17 Jun 14

MIB Lecture Theatre


Promoting UK-China collaborations…This BBSRC-sponsored event includes talks by Prof. Pedro Mendes on Simulating Systems Biology (16th) and by from Neil Swainston on Mapping Life (17th). Both days include session on possible common projects and joint research.

Registration link:

Centro Hack Weekend Challenge                                               21-22 Jun 14

Centro will be running a Hack Weekend Challenge with overnight stay at Centro House, Birmingham.


A Hack Weekend Challenge is essentially an intensive session of teams developing code and from that, a prototype, which may be further developed into a complete App.  Whilst participation in the Hack Weekend Challenge is unpaid, there are intangible benefits such as increased experience and kudos for the participating teams and individuals. Prizes include Apple products and High Street vouchers.


The event is being targeted at students and recent graduates from the UK and wider Europe and we are inviting them to form teams of two or three to work overnight to develop a European travel app. We will provide the data sets, plus food and refreshments.  The event is for over 18s only.


More information can be found here or by emailing

EPSRC theme: IT as a Utility Network+ Meeting                        19-20 Jun 14

Southampton Hilton


Reports from all of the ITaaU projects and secondments will be available together with the following keynote speakers:

·        Joe McLeod, Global Design Director at ustwo

·        Shenja Van Der Graaf, iMinds, Belgium

·        Elizabeth Churchill, Director of Human Computer Interaction, eBay Research Labs at eBay Inc.

·        David De Roure, Professor of e-Research at University of Oxford,  Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre

·        Lizbeth Goodman, Professor of Inclusive Design & Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at University College Dublin

·        Food Standards Agency, UK – tbc

Registration required. Contact Steve Brewer, Network Coordinator for more information. Join the ITaaU mailing list:


Funding Opportunities

Research Support Office

Please contact us through

There is information about support for grant writing, submission and successful examples at and through EPS. The EPS blog The Word contains features News, Events and comment relevant to Postgraduate Researchers, Research Staff and Supervisors or PIs.


Important: Changes in EU Funding Opportunities

More detailed information is available now that for Horizon2020 has started (the successor of FP7 EU programme). EU research funding is important for the School and it’s important to understand what’s available


Reminder - H2020 information available

EU funding-related documents are placed by the University's EU team at:
The easiest way to find these documents is to search using the keyword: 'Horizon 2020'

A great resource recommended by the ICT National Contact Point is, which also provides handy overview documents.


Looking to apply for NERC funding?

A new version of the NERC research grants and fellowships handbook has been published.

British Council Researcher Links workshops – call                          9 Jun 14

Closing date: 9 June 2014


Under the Researcher Links initiative, the British Council are inviting Leading Researchers to propose themes for bilateral workshops to be held in one of the 18 partner countries (see below), which will bring together early-career researchers to discuss their research and start to build international relationships. Successful workshops will receive funding, and the applicants (Leading Researchers) will, with the exception of certain countries, be responsible for organising the workshop. Some countries have priority areas, and only themes within these will be considered. Successful workshops must take place between 1 October 2014 and 1 March 2015.


Country list 2014-15: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

The Health Foundation, Scaling Up Improvement                           16 Jun 14

Closing date: noon 16 June 2014


The Health Foundation has over £3 million available for teams to take successful health care improvement interventions and deliver them at a larger scale. As part of the new Scaling Up Improvement programme, we are looking for projects that aim to improve health care delivery and/or the way people manage their own health care.

Novel Ways of Detection for Humanitarian Demining                      25 Jun 14

Closing date: 25 June 2014


This EPSRC Call for Expressions of Interest aims to stimulate the academic community to propose truly novel approaches to the humanitarian (land-)demining challenge. If you are interested please contact Sarah Chatwin.

International Exchanges Scheme                                                       1 Jul 14

Closing date: 1 July 2014


This Royal Society scheme enables UK-based scientists to undertake collaborative work with scientists overseas through either a one-off visit or bilateral travel. Funding of between £3,000 and £12,000 is available, dependent upon the length of the visit. The International Exchanges Scheme replaces the former International Travel Grants and International Joint Projects schemes.

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account – 6th call                                   2 Jul 14

Closing date: 12pm 2 July 2014


The 6th IAA call for proposals is open. Funding is for research based on EPSRC funded research:

·        Relationship Incubation (up to £10k available) Engaging with businesses and business communities to sow the seeds of new collaboration and enhance strategic engagement

·        Concept Development and Feasibility Studies (up to £30k available) Support for the very early stages of transforming research outputs into commercial opportunities

·        Exploitation Secondments (up to £60k available) Flexible support for secondments between The University of Manchester and businesses and other organisations

·        Knowledge Exchange Fellows (up to £80k p.a. available for 2 yrs)  Support for sustainable Knowledge Exchange Fellows to deliver multiple short-term industry focused projects


Simon Harper and Sean Bechhofer have both previously been successful in IAA calls.

Colombia Newton-Caldas Fund                                    Expected early Jul 14

Closing date (expected): early July 2014


The Newton-Caldas Fund (NCF) seeks to create real, measurable outcomes to address poverty in Colombia and support economic development, through investment in research and innovation.  As a secondary aim, the NCF will also seek to develop long lasting system relationships between Colombia and the UK’s research and innovation community. £100k-£1M is available per project and must include Colombian partners. Projects will address, but will not be limited to:

·        Development of future cities;

·        Competitiveness in the agriculture sector;

·        Stimulation of entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness;

·        Institutional strengthening of science and innovation within central government and national policymaking; and

·        Climate change planning and mitigation.

For more information contact Sarah Chatwin asap.


Featured Research Outcomes


Did you know… papers featured in the newsletter also go on display in the Kilburn Building (outside 2.7)? Send your new publications to Robert Stevens so that more people get to know about your research.


Recently presented at the SPIE Photonics Europe last month:

Adaptive skin segmentation via feature-based face detection by Michael J. Taylor and Tim Morris


Generation of a phonetic transcription for modern standard Arabic: A knowledge-based model, Allan Ramsay, Iman Alsharhan and Hanady Ahmed


Tom Thomson and Georg Heldt’s Applied Physics Letters paper Topologically confined vortex oscillations in hybrid [Co/Pd]8-Permalloy structures is out and featured on the front cover.


Have we missed something? If you have some award news that you would like us to know about please contact Sarah Chatwin.