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 22 April 2013


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News from the Head of School

Graphene PR

A report on graphene research aired on ITV Granada Reports last night, with Prof Sir Kostya Novoselov and Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan explaining current and future developments.  We are not sure how long the clip will be available online so watch now!

Latin American Postgraduate Programme (nee CONACyT)

This is about CONACyT, a programme which funds PhD students from Latin

America. A few new features have been added.


1) Students from Chile have been added to the programme and soon Brazil, so it is now called Latin America Postgraduate Program

2) It will fund students on a 1-year research degree (like an MPhil).

These students can continue on to a 3-year PhD, but this must be separate research and they have to achieve the 1-year degree first. These students will enter without a masters degree.

3) It continues to fund students (entering with a masters) on 3-year PhD. Research must be completed within three years, but there is some stipend for writing up during submission pending.

4) They are awarded the scholarship first with a nominal supervisor from the list. They then are allowed to discuss with supervisors whether they can do their project. Instructions to supervisors: only discuss projects with students who have been awarded the scholarship.


To see what projects are currently there, log into with Username:

latinoamerica’ Password: ‘projects321'. Send Jon Shapiro or Alison McMurray numbers of any you want removed.


If you want to propose new projects, either 3-year or 1-year ones, we need a title, brief description, and ultimately a brief CV of the supervisor. Again, send those to Jon or Alison.

University Open Day 21/22 June

The University has an Open Day on June 21/22 this year.  This is for all subjects across the Uni, where Sixth Form students attend to make their choices about what subject they want to do at Uni. It is of course vital that we fully profile the virtues of Computer Science as opposed to pure maths, physics, or engineering.


With this in mind - this year we will attempt to show off the Kilburn Building as a "technology fair" would.  This is a first call for tech demos, from staff or students. Please bear in mind...


.....this does NOT have to be your research!


If you have programmed something cool on a Raspberry Pi, and are willing to donate it for the day, tell me.  If you have a bit of scripting or code (any language) that you're particularly proud of, tell me. If you have a website or video that profiles your work or the work of your student, tell me.


The general idea is to create a major "buzz" around the building on those two days, showing off the cool stuff a Computer Scientist can do (remember not necessarily research) and what they'll be able to do if they were to come here to study.


Looking forward to hearing your technology dreams,

Gavin Brown



Library announcements

Book orders

Owing to the forthcoming implementation of a new Library Management System the last date for submitting book orders for this academic year will be May 24th.


Please ensure that all your book orders are submitted by this date.  Any orders submitted after this date will be held by the Library and ordered from August 1st


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your usual library contact or email us.


Library Survey 

Have your say and be in with the chance of winning £100 Amazon vouchers!


We would like to hear from you about what you think about your Library service. We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and resources so please make some time to fill in our survey.


More details

About LibQUAL

Every two years, we use the LibQUAL+® Survey to measure users’ perception of the library service. The 2011 LibQUAL report and the Library’s actions in response to the report are available to download.


LibQUAL+® is used by libraries worldwide to measure library users’ perceptions of the quality of service provided. Information is gathered using a web-based survey which helps the University Library identify the most important areas for improvement.


The University of Manchester Library has participated in the LibQUAL+® survey every biannual year since 2007. On each occasion, we have analysed the results and, where possible, we have implemented changes in response to the concerns identified.



BlackBerry Developer Evening – Manchester                                     25 April 13

Special interest group for people/companies interested in mobile applications development for BlackBerry devices.


We, ourselves, develop for BlackBerry and (working in conjunction with BlackBerry) have created a community of like-minded "hands-on" developers in the Lancashire and Yorkshire areas. We meet around 6 times a year after work/college to network; share ideas; and learn about what's new.


The second meeting is in Manchester on 25th April. We'd be happy to see any of your staff, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, and we've set up a site with current details and to pull potential attendees together on this link.

Computer Science Students versus Staff Coding Comp                     1 May 13

The Coding Dojo is proud to announce the first annual Students vs Staff Coding Competition!


Wednesday 1st May, 3pm-6.30pm, Collab.

Teams of two required, LIMITED PLACES.

Registration at by Monday 29th April.


Join us for an afternoon of tough coding problems, free snacks, followed by one free beer each at Jabez Clegg!

Big prizes to be won by the top teams!  Join the Facebook event for updates!


Looking forward to the challenge!

"Apps for Good" - teachers event                                                               2 May 13

The School is taking part in a new venture with a charitable foundation called Apps for Good. The aim of this foundation is to bring the excitement and understanding of new technology to schoolchildren through giving them the skills to develop apps. The organisation has a good track-record in schools and considerable industrial support.

In a new venture, we are collaborating with the foundation to host a teachers' event, briefing teachers on the benefits of partnerships with Apps for Good, and providing an opportunity for our students to demonstrate apps they have developed (volunteer students needed). The intention is that this leads to an ambassador scheme in which our students visit schools to help teachers and school students in app development.

This has turned out to be a very popular event with teachers - we advertised it in the morning and had filled the 50 places by lunchtime on the same day!

Event: Thursday May 2nd, 5pm-7pm in IT407. If you would like to call in and see what we are up to, please do so, but let David Rydeheard know in advance.

UK Device Developers' Conference                                                        22 May 13

A conference for the developers of' "intelligent systems and intelligent devices".  Suitable for anyone involved in Embedded Systems development, Software Development, Electronics Design, Enclosure Design and Manufacturing Services.


The Device Developers' Conference 2013 will be your chance to learn about the latest development technologies from around the world. Whether your expertise is hardware design, enclosure design, software development, test and manufacture or project management, this event will enable you to explore the latest technologies and latest thinking.

Conference website


Funding Opportunities

Research Support Office

Please contact us through

There is information about support for grant writing and submission at

Clean water for all UK-US collaboration                                                  30 Apr 13

·         Closing date: 30 Apr 2013

The EPSRC is inviting proposals for collaborative work between UK and US researchers in the area of Water Engineering. Funding is only available for work which is supplementary to current research funded by EPSRC and collaborations must be able to start in autumn 2013. Total EPSRC funding of £1-2 million is available with awards expected to be for up to £50,000 for a maximum of one year.

Bioinformatics and biological resources fund                                      16 May 13

·         Outline closing date: 4pm 16 May 2013

·         Full application closing date: 4pm 26 Sep 2013


Good for those interested in bioinformatics, big data and analytical software. The 7th round of BBR funding is now open with a total budget in the region of £6M, plus additional funds for the generation of capitalisable assets such as software infrastructures. The Fund was established to provide 'proper support for resources such as databases, genetic resources and culture collections which require long term maintenance and curation'.

Grants are available for up to 5 years and must benefit the UK bioscience community. Funding is mainly for resource provision (new, additional or further development) including renewals of previous BBR Fund awards. There’s particular interest in applications that will build software infrastructure for UK bioscience.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) – Europe         23 May 13 

·         Closing date: 9am Korea Standard Time (GMT -9), 24 May 2013

Samsung's academic research collaboration platform annual call for proposals is open. This year, the Global Collaboration GRO Programme has 57 Special Interest Research subjects under 14 themes (Medical Technologies, Energy, Ageing, Bio, Metabolic Engineering, Big Data and Networks, Computational Science, Next Gen Computing, Data Storage, Display and Vision, New Materials, Sensor Technologies, Smart device, IC Technology), with other special interest areas also welcome.

Up to US$100,000 per annum is available and awards may be renewed for up to three years, expecting to begin on 1 Sep 2013. Joint proposals will also be accepted.

Royal Society India-UK Scientific Seminars                                          31 May 13

·         Closing date: 31 May 2013

Up to £12,000 is available for mid-career scientists who want to organise a small three-day scientific seminar between groups of scientists from India and the UK. The meeting may take place in either the UK or India and may have up to 20 attendees (5 from the visiting country and up to 15 from the host country). Award holders are responsible for all aspects of organising and delivering the meetings and the seminar must take place between Sept 2013 and Mar 2014.

Royal Society proposals for scientific meetings                                  31 May 13

·         Closing date: 31 May 2013

Any UK scientist or engineer is eligible to submit a proposal to present a Royal Society interdisciplinary international two-day conference of varying sizes.  If successful, you will be the scientific organiser of the meeting, and the Royal Society staff will handle all administration of the meeting, so you can focus on the quality of the science presented.

Long term care revolution sandpit participation                                   05 Jun 13

·         Closing date: 05 Jun 2013

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) are accepting applications for a sandpit workshop that aims to transform long term care. The week-long workshop will involve up to 25 individuals with the expectation that they work together to develop radical, risky and novel ideas that can then be developed into full proposals for industry led Small Business Research Initiative projects. Following on from the sandpit, up to £2.4 million will be awarded to projects.

Research Professional is a useful search engine for finding other funding opportunities.


Featured Research Outcomes


Khalid Belhajjame, Norman W. Paton, Suzanne M. Embury, Alvaro A.A. Fernandes, Cornelia Hedeler, Incrementally improving dataspaces based on user feedback, Information Systems , Vol. 38, No 5, 656-687, 2013.


Klitos Christodoulou, Norman W. Paton, Alvaro A. A. Fernandes: Structure inference for linked data sources using clustering. Third International Workshop
on Linked Web Data Management (LWDM), EDBT/ICDT Workshops, 60-67, ACM Press, 2013. Winner of the best paper prize.