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 26 November 2012


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News from the Head of School

Tony McDonald arrival                                                                                                  

Tony has been appointed as the new Health and Safety and Environment manager.  Tony has a background in civil and electrical engineering and has worked at the University for eight years.  His phone number is 56118 and email is

Recognising and Rewarding Exceptional Performance

The Policy provides for staff to be rewarded for: 

  • Exceptional Performance, generally a one-off task or project work, or
  • Sustained Exceptional Performance where exceptional contribution has been sustained for a period of at least six months and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.


Applications for reward should be able to demonstrate aspects of performance that have significant impact over and above normal standards; examples may include:

  • Re-engineering processes which add considerable value or increase efficiency
  • Major additional activity directly aligned to Faculty objectives; e.g. NSS, Public Engagement
  • Innovative and effective changes to working practices
  • Demonstration of initiative in the development of novel and successful business relationships and enterprise.


Applications are usually made by line managers and must be submitted using the standard form which is Appendix 1 of the Policy.  It is possible to ask your line manager to make an application on your behalf but if your manager feels unable to support the case, you may make a personal application.


For the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, all School based staff applications (Academic, Academic Related and Support) should be addressed to the Head of School Administration.


Applications in respect of academic related and support staff should be made by 1 February 2013.


Academic and Research staff applications should be made by 21 December 2012.


All applications will first be considered locally, with recommendations being made to Faculty for consideration and decision during March 2013.

Charity update

Altogether £875.00 was raised for Children in Need - the annual online auction raised £615.00 and the giant football card raised £124 pounds.


Meanwhile the Movember team has raised £569 and is now Ranked 3,279th out of 30,298 teams in the UK. There is still time... 

Order and receive new library books directly from your office!

The Library has recently developed a new service enabling academic staff to order books directly, removing the need to send the orders through their library contacts.  This service can be accessed directly via My Manchester (via My Library tab, ‘Library requests’ drop down option and ‘New Purchase’ tab)


In tandem with this new initiative the Library has launched a delivery service whereby purchases can be delivered directly to the office of the academic who has made the request. All staff need to do is tick the reservation box when they submit the request.


Once an item is received by the Library it will be fast-tracked, issued to your library card and delivered by Estates staff. You can expect delivery within 2 working days of receiving a notification email from the Library. For auditing and tracking purposes, you will be required to sign for the item on receipt.


Featured publications this week (by Robert Stevens)

Send any publications to




School seminar                                                                                              28 Nov 12

Xeon Phi: a many-core architecture for high performance computing

Dr Roger Espasa. Intel

28 November, 14:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building

Seminar home page

Lecture Capture - free workshop for EPS staff                                     19 Dec 12

Lecture capture is a hot topic, and there are many examples across the Faculty of it being used as a teaching aid.  But what is good practice in the use of lecture capture?


We are offering you the opportunity to sign up for a free workshop on best practice in lecture capture. Sign up for your place by registering here.


This free workshop will aim to get participants thinking about best practice in the use of lecture capture in teaching and learning, as well as the technologies which can be used.  It will take the form of six short, informative presentations by people using lecture capture, followed by facilitated group discussions on identifying and implementing good practice.


Venue: George Begg Building, Room C002, University of Manchester

Date: Wednesday 19th December 2012, 9.30am – 1pm


Topics and speakers:

·         Will Video Kill the Lecturing Star?  Patrick O’Malley

·         Introducing the University’s podcasting service;  Stuart Phillipson

·         To capture their ears you have to first capture their eyes; Grant Campbell

·         Richness, responsiveness and relationship:  using rich media to enhance teaching of core concepts;  Fiona Saunders

·         Lecture capture with complementary eLearning;  John Moriarty

·         A practical view to creating lecture screencasts using Camtasia; Megan Jobson

For further information please contact Lynn Cullimore.


Funding Opportunities

School Research Office

Please contact us through

There is information about support for grant writing and submission at

Pump Prime Funding Grants Available                                                   20 Dec 12

The Neuroscience Research Institute has pump-prime funding available for up to 4 projects at a maximum value of £5000 each. The funding is to provide support for research projects related to Neuroscience that will support future externally funded research. However we also welcome applications for public engagement activities, which will raise the profile of Neuroscience.


Projects will be eligible if they meet the following criteria:

·         Benefit to the Manchester neuroscience research community

  • Impact of project – that could lead to future research income
  • Ideally the project will be collaborative and cross Faculty


To apply for this grant please send the following details to Nicola Lawton

·         A brief description of the project and details of the how the grant will be used

·         Include details of why the proposal can’t be funded from elsewhere and plans for future external grant application

·         Note if it is to purchase equipment, state why it cannot be purchased from existing grants and attach a quote.

·         Outline of activity for public engagement


Please note – the NRI must be kept informed of the progress and subsequent impact/outputs arising from the pump priming. Also any funding awarded will have to be spent by 31 July 2014.

Applications should be limited to one page only (in 12 point font)

Deadline for applications is 20 December 2012 and applicants will be informed in early January.

Call for interdisciplinary projects - 13 fully funded PhD students   30 Nov 12

NowNANO is an EPSRC funded doctoral training programme designed to promote interdisciplinary research in nanoscience leading to a Ph.D. It is run as a joint programme between the universities of Manchester and Lancaster. A key feature of the programme is the opportunity for students to select the topic of their Ph.D. research, after completing a wide-ranging course of lectures and projects on fundamentals of nanoscience during the first six months of their PhD (Sept. 2012 – Mar. 2013).


This call invites potential project supervisors to submit proposals for one of the 13 fully funded Ph.D. projects for April 2013 start. The proposal guidelines are:


  1. Research in nanoscience
  2. Interdisciplinary project spanning at least two distinct research areas (preferably in different Schools) with significant participation from both the main supervisor and the co-supervisor
  3. The proposal must demonstrate an existing infrastructure capable of supporting the project
  4. Projects that foster interdisciplinary research within or between the universities of Manchester and Lancaster are encouraged
  5. Proposers may submit up to two projects as main supervisors, but no more than one project will be granted to any one individual
  6. Priority will be given to main supervisors that did not gain a fully funded NowNANO Ph.D. student in the previous academic year



The project description should fit on a maximum of one side of A4. The students will be given a booklet of selected projects and advised to contact the potential supervisory team to discuss the proposed project. In addition, a poster session will be arranged that will allow students to view the projects on offer and talk to proposers. 


Proposal Timetable:

Project proposals are due by Friday, November 30th, 2012.

Poster session at the University of Manchester- late January/ early February (Details TBC)


Booklets distributed to students two weeks before the poster session.

Student selection finalised -March 15th.

Research project starts April 2013.


Proposals in PDF format should be sent to Georgina Lewis.


Research and Grant Awards

Congratulations to all those involved in the following successful awards!


EU FP7 STREP Project on Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open Source Software.

PI for Manchester: Sophia Ananiadou

Funding for Manchester:  €556,109


OSSMETER aims to extend the state-of-the-art in the field of automated analysis and measurement of open-source software (OSS), and develop a platform that will support decision makers in the process of discovering, comparing, assessing and monitoring the health, quality, impact and activity of open-source software.

Building an equipment sharing ontology

Funding Body: EPSRC   

PI: Robert Stevens

Award Amount: £10,000


Additional EPSRC Sponsorship funding is being used over 4 months to write an ontology written in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) that describes the large investment scientific equipment of the N8 consortium. This will help to improve how equipment can be shared between the 8 North of England partner universities in a flexible and maintainable way.

EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship

Awarded to: Chiara Del Vescovo (supervised by Uli Sattler)

Thesis Title: The Modular Structure of an Ontology: Atomic Decomposition and its Applications
Duration: 11 months (starting Jan 2013)
Award amount: £28,777

MRC Centenary Early Career Awards 

Awarded to: Eleni Mikroyannidi (supervised by Robert Stevens)

Project Title: Pattern driven quality assurance of biomedical terminologies in ontologies

Award amount: £34,000


Have we missed something? If you have some award news that you would like us to know about please contact Sarah Chatwin.