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 5 November 2012


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News from the Head of School

Barclays IT Bid Challenge

Over thirty CS students attended the Barclays IT Bid Challenge last Wednesday, at Radbroke Hall in Knutsford, Cheshire.


The day involved a morning of talks from Barclays Bank about how technology is changing their business with a range of technical demonstrations including PingIt, mobile to mobile payments. In the afternoon, students worked in teams to design and plan a demonstrator application for Barclays Bank.


These teams will present their final plans and demos to senior Barclays Staff in the Kilburn building on the 14th November, with each member of the winning team being awarded £100 in Amazon vouchers. Barclays Bank are providing two buddies to each team to support the students while they put their bids together over the next two weeks.


We would like to thank Barclays Bank for organising this very successful event and wish the participating students good luck in their bids!

Duncan Hull

Raspberry Pi in the Observer                                                                                      

Andrew Robinson’s Pi-Face and the Great British Raspberry Pi Bake Off, a competition for kids to design an exciting use for the RPi, were covered at length in the Observer on Sunday. To quote Andrew “I don't think the Pi is going to change the world but it has opened stuff up, and created an excitement around programming that I've never seen before."

Featured publications this week (by Robert Stevens)

This is a regular section in the weekly newsletter.  This is a small step to help us all to know what research is happening in the School and what is being published. Please continue to add all of your new publications to eScholar, but also send ones that you wish to advertise in the newsletter to



School seminar                                                                                              14 Nov 12

Formal methods and cryptography: the beauty and the beast

Dr Eerke Boiten. University of Kent

14th November, 14:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building

Seminar home page


Funding Opportunities

School Research Office

Please contact us through

There is information about support for grant writing and submission at

BIS competition                                                                                             14 Dec 12

The Intellectual Property Office (through BIS) are looking to fund around a dozen projects of between £10,000 and £100,000. The aim is to encourage universities and public sector research establishments to collaborate with businesses and local communities on innovative projects that benefit UK society and can help grow the economy. If you are interested in this BIS competition please contact Sandra Crosbie (EPS Faculty Business Engagement Manager).

First Grant Scheme                                                                                                   N/A

·         Closing date: N/A

New academics can apply for up to £125,000 from the EPSRC to help apply for research funding at the start of their careers (for a maximum duration of two years).

More detailed information on the First Grant Scheme is available.

Discipline hopping in information and communication technologies        N/A

·         Closing date: N/A

Short-term (3-12 month) support from the EPSRC is available to allow proven core ICT researchers to spend time in a new and different research or user environment (other disciplines or industry). The aim of this is to foster new interactions, bringing a multidisciplinary and user-driven focus to research.

Further information on discipline hopping