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1 October 2012


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News from the Head of School

50th Anniversary of the Atlas Supercomputer

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Ferranti Atlas supercomputer, a Symposium and social events will take place at The University of Manchester from 4th to 6th December 2012

The symposium itself will take place on the afternoon of the 5th December in Kilburn LT1.1, if you wish to attend the event please register here:

McMillan Coffee Morning Success                                                                             

The McMillan coffee morning on Friday 28th September raised £535! The student cake sale raised £104, the staff cake sale made £277, and the University-wide lottery raised £144. Congratulations to everyone involved in organising it and to the valiant eaters of £381 worth of cake.

Tea and Biscuits for Research Students                                                                 

Ann Webb, the Associate Dean for Graduate Education, is initiating a

series of "Meet the Associate Dean" sessions where research students can share experiences with research students from other schools and meet her informally.

These will take place on 12 October, 9 November, 7 December the following

dates all at 2:30-4 in room C4 in the Sackville Street Building on North

Campus. Research students are encouraged to attend.

School Seminar Series 2012/13 Begins                                                      3 Oct 12

This year’s School Seminar Series commences on Wednesday 3rd October with a Seminar presented by Ross King. This year the seminar Series will aim to invite speakers from a broad range of areas to present topics of interest to all computer scientists. Further details below.

Alan Gilbert Learning Commons Open                                                                     

The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons opened this Monday, October 1, at The University of Manchester. The £24m Learning Commons has been designed to give students a focal point for learning, offering a stimulating and comfortable 24/7 environment for study.

Painting donated                                                                                                             

Ahmed Bagi, who was a research student in Informatics between 1998 and 2001, has donated a painting to the School. The painting is approximately 5’x3’. Suggestions for a location of the painting within the School are welcome.

Lecturer in Empirically Sound Software Engineering

The School is advertising for a Lecturer in Empirically Sound Software Engineering, with a closing date of 22nd October 2012. The details of the post can be found here:

Please bring this post to the attention of any individuals that you think might be suitable, or advertise it to any contacts that you have in relevant research groups or other organisations.

Teaching Excellence Fund                                                                    25th October

The Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Teaching Excellence and Student Support (TESS) Fund 2012-13 has been announced.


This year there is funding available for projects to enhance student support and retention for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students (around £37k in total). Applications are welcome as long as they relate to student support or retention in some way.  Successful projects are typically awarded funding in the region of £5k to £10k, however more substantial bids are welcome provided that they involve more than one School. 


Please try to make use of this fund for any developments that you feel would benefit teaching in the school. If you would like to discuss an idea please contact either Rosemary Tomkinson ( or Alison McMurray ( The deadline is 25th October.

META-NET in the European Day of languages                                                      

NaCTeM were part of a European team of researchers who concluded that digital assistance for 21 of the 30 languages investigated is ‘non-existent’ or ‘weak’ at best.


The report coincides with the European Day of Languages [SEPTEMBER 26], a day which recognises the importance of fostering and developing the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of our continent.


More details can be found here:

The report has been picked up by the Huffington Post, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the Voice of Russia.


Featured publications this week (by Robert Stevens)

This is a regular section in the weekly newsletter.  This is a small step to help us all to know what research is happening in the School and what is being published. Please continue to add all of your new publications to eScholar, but also send ones that you wish to advertise in the newsletter to


Pyysalo, S., Ohta, T., Miwa, M., Cho, H. -C., Tsujii, J. and Ananiadou, S. (2012). Event extraction across multiple levels of biological organization. In: Bioinformatics, 28(18), i575-i581.


Mu, T., Goulermas, J. Y, Tsujii, J. and Ananiadou, S.. (2012).

Proximity-based Frameworks for Generating Embeddings from Multi-Output Data. In: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence


Korkontzelos, I., Mu, T. and Ananiadou, S.. (2012). ASCOT: a text mining-based web-service for efficient search and assisted creation of clinical trials.

In: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 12(Suppl 1), S3


MACE Research Seminar                                                                               1 Oct 12

The School of MACE is running a series of research seminars given by academic staff with an aim to not only stimulate research collaborations and to generate new ideas but also to increase the awareness of research taking place in the school. 


The next seminar will be run on Monday, 1st October, 2:00-3:00 pm in room C01, Georg Begg Building:


The presentation will be on:

A Practical Approach for Modelling Graphite Properties and Other Engineering Data

Professor Ernest D. Eason, PhD Visiting Professor.

You are all welcome to attend the seminar. 

School Seminar: Ross King                                                                          3 Oct 12

The School Seminar Series for 2012/13 aims to attract speakers who will address the whole School with topics of interest to computer scientists. The series commences on 3rd October with Ross King.


Speaker: Prof Ross King. University of Manchester

Title: Automating Biology using Robot Scientists

Room: Lecture Theatre 1.3, Kilburn Building

Host: Robert Stevens


University Multiscale Modelling Club                                                        10 Oct 12

The next meeting of the University Multiscale Modelling Club will be held at 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Wednesday 10th October. Location to be confirmed by the Central Timetabling Unit.


The topic of the meeting will be "Bridging Lengthscales, Theory and Practice". I'm delighted to confirm that the invited speakers are Dr William Parnell (Maths) and Dr Andrey Jivkov (MACE), who are both active in this field.


Tea/Coffee will be provided to encourage discussion after the talks. In order to ensure adequate catering arrangements, please email to register for the meeting.


Further details


All academic staff, postdocs and postgraduate students are welcome.

Tea and biscuits with the Associate Dean for Graduate Education

Ann Webb is the Associate Dean for Graduate Education for our Faculty (Engineering and Physical Sciences) in the University. She is in charge of many of the rules and conditions under which research students are recruited, funded, and treated in the schools. She is initiating a series of "Meet the Associate Dean" sessions so Research Students can meet her and she can meet them. These will take place on the following dates all at 2:30-4 in room C4 in the Sackville Street Building on North Campus: 12 October, 9 November, 7 December. Presumably, there will be more dates in the new year. Please feel free to attend. She says there will be tea and biscuits.


The purpose of this is for a general chat and to share experiences with other research students from other schools. If you have some major and personal issue, this would not be the appropriate forum. For that you should make an appointment to see her (after you have attempted to resolve the problem within the school, of course).

Research Computing training                                                                       Various

IT Services has a variety of training courses on high end computing and visualisation running during October and November. Courses range from an introduction to UNIX/Linux and to research computing, through to using ParaView for visualisation and use of OpenMP and/or MPI for parallelising codes. Full details and a booking form are available here.


For more information please email.


Research Awards

HIP-ECC -Heat Induced Phase Change Exchange Couple Composite Media

Funding Body: EPSRC
PI: Tom Thomson
Award Amount: £320286


Funding Opportunities

School Research Office

There is information about support for grant writing and submission at

Toshiba Fellowship Programme 2013                                                       7 Dec 12

The Toshiba Fellowship Programme 2013 is an excellent opportunity for your post-graduate students to gain a rare experience of working in a leading technology company’s R&D labs in Japan, allowing them to conduct new research within their field and learn about key R&D techniques as well as about different country and workplace cultures.


Toshiba are happy to arrange a visit to the university to brief students on the Toshiba Fellowship Programme.


Please see the brochure for more information:

Toshiba Fellowship Programme brochure