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27 February 2012


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Senate Elections

A number of appointments to the elected category of the Senate membership will terminate on 31 August 2012. Members of the academic and research staff are advised that nominations for election to these vacancies are now being sought.


Further information about the vacancies and eligibility for election, together with a nomination form, can be found at the Senate web pages on the University website at

50th Anniversary of Atlas

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Atlas computer. There will be an event in the School on 5th December to celebrate the project. More details will follow in due course.



8th Annual IET/BCS Manchester Turing Lecture 28 Feb 12

The School of Computer Science are delighted to announce that the 8th Annual IET/BCS Manchester Turing Lecture will take place on Tuesday February 28th 2012 at University Place Theatre B - registration from 5:00pm, lecture at 5:30pm.

This year's speaker is Professor Ray Dolan, Mary Kinross Professor of Neuropsychiatry, UCL and Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL. Ray will be delivering a lecture titled 'From cryptanalysis to cognitive neuroscience - a hidden legacy of Alan Turing'.


The lecture will see Professor Dolan discuss the heritage of Turing's work and its ongoing effects on computing today. It promises a fascinating insight into Turing's strongly Bayesian problem solving approaches and how they have advanced developments in understanding the workings of the brain and the human mind.


The lecture is open to BCS and IET members, University staff and students and the general public. Following the talk the IET are hosting a drinks reception and book signing in the foyer of University Place.  Both the lecture and the reception are free of charge.

Further information and registration is available here.

Symposium: Mathematical modelling in economics & finance 2 Mar 12

10:30-16:00, Niels Bohr Common Room, School of
Physics and Astronomy, Schuster Building, Brunswick Street.

For: academics and your PhD students.

If you or one of your students are
interested in giving a contributed talk, then please send us a title
and abstract by Monday, 27th February (

In order to help us with preparations please could you let us know by
27th February if you wish to attend (even if you would not like to
give a talk).

Please note that participants will be asked to make their own
arrangements for lunch, further information and directions will be
available on the day.

Automatic Feature Generation for Machine Learning for Compilers 29 Feb 12

Dr Hugh Leather. University of Edinburgh

14:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building

Hardware/Software Techniques to Address the Memory Wall on Multi-Core Systems 1 Mar 12

Dr Aamer Jaleel. Intel Research, Boston

14:00, Lecture Theatre 1.5, Kilburn Building

Turing Centenary Conference 22-25 June 12

Andrei Voronkov has announced the Turing Centenary Conference, to be held in Manchester, June 22-25, 2012:

Andrei has secured Ten Turing Award winners, a Templeton Award winner and Garry Kasparov as invited speakers:


Confirmed invited speakers:

- Fred Brooks (University of North Carolina)

- Rodney Brooks (MIT)

- Vint Cerf (Google)

- Ed Clarke (Carnegie Mellon University)

- Jack Copeland (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

- George Francis Rayner Ellis (University of Cape Town)

- David Ferrucci (IBM)

- Tony Hoare (Microsoft Research)

- Garry Kasparov (Kasparov Chess Foundation)

- Don Knuth (Stanford University)

- Yuri Matiyasevich (Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg)

- Roger Penrose (Oxford)

- Adi Shamir (Weizmann Institute of Science)

- Michael Rabin (Harvard)

- Leslie Valiant (Harvard)

- Manuela M. Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University)

- Andrew Yao (Tsinghua University)

Confirmed panel speakers:

- Ron Brachman (Yahoo Labs)

- Steve Furber (The University of Manchester)

- Carole Goble (The University of Manchester)

- Pat Hayes (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, Pensacola)

- Bertrand Meyer (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

- Moshe Vardi (Rice University)


Funding Opportunities

Graphene Engineering 19 Apr 12

Closing date: 19 April 2012

Issue date:             24 February 2012

Return form to:

Category:              Expression of interest

Related theme:    Manufacturing the future

EPSRC would like invite Expressions of Interests to bid into the call for proposals in graphene engineering research. The aim of the call is to focus research on manufacturing processes and technologies linked to graphene in order to accelerate the development and generation of novel devices, applications technologies or systems.

There will be up to 20M available for this call (10M EPSRC, plus up to 10M Capital) which will accommodate research programmes and equipment proposals. Research programmes should focus on advancing the engineering and manufacturing aspects of graphene in the context of important application areas. Equipment bids should complement existing activity in graphene science and promote engineering research for graphene and other closely related materials.

There should also be some flexibility within programmes to fuel more speculative research into future innovations involving graphene and other carbon-based nanomaterials. Industry involvement will be welcomed as will development of staff and students (which would require complementary support from the universities involved).

Full details