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19 December 2011


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News from Head of School


Thierry Scheurer will be retiring wef 31st January 2012 after over 36 years’ service. We would like to take this opportunity to wish him well and thank him for all his work over many years.

Staff Changes

From January 2012, Mel Price will be joining us as Carole/IMG’s executive assistant, whilst Charlotte undertakes her secondment to Anna’s role in the Research Office.

EPSRC ICT visit: January 18th

Liam Blackwell, Diane Howard and Andrew Rose from the EPSRC ICT theme will be visiting the School on 18th January 2012. We have organised this visit to enable us to provide input to the EPSRC ‘Shaping Capability’ exercise. The School needs to raise its income from Research Councils, and to do this we must ensure that they are fully aware of our research and our plans. Anybody who is thinking of applying to EPSRC for funding in 2012 should attend.


There are two aims for this visit:


1. For staff to find out about the EPSRC's shaping capability exercise;


2. For us to show the EPSRC our capabilities.


There will be an open presentation at 11:30am in LT1.3 of the Kilburn Building at which EPSRC will describe Capability Shaping and changes to the process for applying for funding, followed by a Question and Answer session. The afternoon will have opportunities for research groups to talk to one or more of the EPSRC staff.


Staff from EEE will be joining us for the presentation and at various points during the day.


EPSRC ICT and the current status of the Capability Shaping exercise (showing which areas will get more or less funding) can be found here:

Mice, and disposal of food over the holidays

Mice are a real problem in the Kilburn and IT buildings. If we leave food available for them to eat they will defy all our efforts to control them. Before you leave for holidays this week please can you make sure that no food has been left accessible to mice. This means fully sealed in a container - mice can get into desks if you leave food in the drawers.


Bins will be emptied overnight between the 21st and 22nd December and after that will not be emptied until 3rd January. Please do not throw any food into any bins inside the building after 21st December. A bin will be provided by the porters lodge in the loading bay for the disposal of all food over the holidays.



Festschrift to celebrate Howard Barringer’s 60th birthday                 20 Dec 11

The 60th Higher-Order Workshop on Automated Runtime verification and Debugging (HOWARD-60) Festschrift, celebrating Howard Barringer's 60 Birthday, will be held at the School of Mathematics in the Franck Adams Room, Alan Turing Building, on December the 20th, 2011.


Funding Opportunities

Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT          19 Jan 12

The UK EPSRC funded project on a “Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT” ( call for case studies proposals.


Financial contribution: approximately £5000 per case study

Submission deadline: 19 January 2012

Key Dates




Closing date for the submission of entries

19 January 2012

Judging Panel meeting

31 January 2012

Announcement of winners

03 February 2012

Commencement of award

14 February.2012

Mid-term report

30 April 2012

Submission of final case study

16 July 2012

Presentation of case study at showcase event

February 2014


Further information

Google Scholarships                                                                                      1 Feb 12

As part of Google's ongoing commitment to encourage women and minorities to excel in computing and technology, we are pleased to announce the following scholarships:


The deadline for both scholarships is 1st February 2012. Scholarship recipients will each receive a 7,000 EUR scholarship and in June 2012 all scholarship recipients and finalists will be invited to visit a Google office in Europe for a networking retreat. It will include workshops with a series of speakers, panels, breakout sessions and social activities, and will provide an opportunity for all finalists to meet and share their experiences. You can find out more about the scholarships and retreat through the videos on this site:

EPSRC email alert: Signal Processing in a Networked Battlespace

                                                                                                                            28 Feb 12

Invitation for outlines: The EPSRC and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) wish to support two (possibly three) research consortia grants through this call for proposals, to address challenges within the area of signal processing in a networked battlespace.


Closing Date: 28-02-2012

EPSRC email alert: Resource Allocation Panel (RAP): Class 1b access to HECToR                                                                                                             2 Mar 12

Invitation for proposals: This is a call for applications for (class 1b) access to HECToR through the Resource Allocation Panel.


Closing Date: 02-03-2012

EPSRC email alert: Resource Allocation Panel (RAP): Technical "top up" applications from existing class 1a grant holders                                  2 Mar 12

Invitation for proposals: This is a call for applications to the Resource Allocation Panel for "top up" HECToR resource.


Closing Date: 02-03-2012

EPSRC email alert: Resource Allocation Panel (RAP): Calls for access to the Edinburgh GPGPU Test Bed                                                                        2 Mar 12

Invitation for proposals: This is a call for applications to access a new GP-GPU test bed hosted by the University of Edinburgh.


Closing Date: 02-03-2012