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18 April 2011


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News from Head of School

Network disruption                                                                                  19-20 Apr 11

Over the past couple of months, you will have had several email messages from Mike Keeley warning that the network in the Kilburn and IT buildings would be down on April 19 & 20. But April 19 and 20 seemed a long way away, and you probably ignored them. APRIL 19 AND 20 ARE NEXT TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. You will be unable to use anything that depends on network access between 7:00am Tuesday and 9:00am Thursday—email, the web, your home filestore, maybe other things.


This disruption is part of the general network upgrade for these buildings. We will all benefit from it—the network is already creaking, and would have only got worse. But for two days next week you will not be able to use it. Make sure that you plan your work for those days so that the things you are working on can be done without network access. If there is something that you need to keep running while the network is down, contact Mike as soon as possible.

Allan Ramsay

Duties Allocations for 2011/12

The duties allocation process for the forthcoming academic year has now largely been completed, and the current state of the assignment can be viewed at:

This should be close to final, although: (i) not all staff affected by changes have been consulted; and (ii) a few known issues have yet to be resolved. Please feel invited to pass on any comments to Ruth Maddocks ( by 29th April, who will then ensure that these are considered before the process is completed. If you are unhappy with some aspect of your allocation, please discuss this with your manager, who may also be minded to send a message to Ruth about your position. If you have been in discussions about your duties and are surprised by the current state of play, please email a query to Ruth. If you want to discuss the details of a role, please consult the relevant Head of Function.


The following are examples of assignments that you may be interested in:

  • Deputy Head of School: Allan Ramsay.
  • UG Director: Toby Howard.
  • Teaching Strategy: Steve Pettifer.
  • Second Year Tutor: Thierry Scheurer.
  • Research Coordinator: Robert Stevens.
  • REF Coordinator: Norman Paton.
  • CDT Deputy Manager: Barry Cheetham.
  • CPD for Teachers: David Rydeheard.




APT Seminar - Dr. Timothy Jones (Cambridge University)                18 Apr 11

Link-Time Optimization for Instruction Cache Power Efficiency

11:00, 2.15 Kilburn building.

Timothy Jones, Cambridge University.