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4 April 2011


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News from Head of School

New Post in Computer Engineering

A new Lecturer/Senior Lecturer position in Computer Engineering has been agreed with the faculty. The school thus currently has the following open academic posts:

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering: status about to be advertised for the first time.
  • Lecturer in Computer Architecture: status recently advertised, with interviews in May.
  • Lecturer in Nano Engineering/Computer Engineering: status recently interviewed, but no appointment made.

The faculty has a policy that once a post has been agreed, it stays open until it is filled, to remove pressure to appoint in any one round. This clearly helps to raise the bar on quality, and we will re-advertise for the last post above in due course.

Future of Support for Research Exploitation - Closure of Manchester Informatics Ltd.

Manchester Informatics was a school company that supported exploitation and consultancy activities. Last year, the Dean stated that school companies, including Manchester Informatics ltd. (MIL), were required to be closed as part of a process of simplifying the University's company holdings. As a result, MIL ceased trading at the end of November 2010.


Support for exploitation activities, including consultancy, non-research/service contracts and licensing etc., will, in future, be provided through the school's Research and Exploitation Office, and Graham Riley will continue to be a point-of-contract in the school through that office in his new role as (part-time) Research Exploitation Advisor. Contracts and other activities that would have been run through MIL will now be channelled through the University Contracts Office and UMIP, as appropriate, in line with procedures followed in other schools.


It is anticipated that the funds held in MIL on behalf of the various research groups that have traded through the company over the years will be made available to the relevant research groups in the school to support their future research activities.

The Credit Suisse Android Application Competition

Congratulations to Josh Nolan for winning the Manchester section of the Credit Suisse sponsored Android Application competition held at Credit Suisse's offices in Canary Wharf London on Wednesday 30th March. Josh won an Apple iPad computer for his idea for a configurable training game for staff and customers of the investment bank. Runner up was Ben Cope, winning a voucher worth 250 with his idea for enhanced calendar app linking meetings with auto phone silencing, team projects and team members. Other finalists each winning 100 were Yifan Miao, Matt Oakes and Nicolae Caprarescu with ideas for an investment banking assistant, a system administration tool and an intelligent web crawler.


Students from Southampton took part in a parallel competition. Next year, Credit Suisse hope to role out the competition to a wider range of Universities as part of their recruitment campaign.


Nick Filer and Andrew Robinson from SCS with staff from Credit Writing Tutorial Service for Computer Science

This is an opportunity for one-to-one advice to individual students about their writing on a weekly basis. The tutorials will take place on Wednesday afternoons 16.00 17.00 in Samuel Alexander (LG7.2) Other times are available to students but they will not be with Robert.

Suisse were judges for the Manchester section of the competition.


Students who wish to make use of this service should book the tutorial one week in advance via Rachel Sinnott:


Members of staff may find that they will wish to refer some of their students to this service, which we hope to be able to provide up until mid June.


There will be no charge for this service as it constitutes part of our University-wide support for international students.


John Morley, Director, University-wide Language Programmes



A systems approach to cognition in robotics 6 Apr 11

Dr Jeremy Wyatt. University of Birmingham

14:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building

Seminar information

Liverpool Distinguished Computer Science Lecture 6 Apr 11

Strategic Behaviour and the Science of Social Networks

Michael Kearns, Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania


Funding Opportunities

Royal Society collaboration and travel schemes

Following the latest Comprehensive Spending Review, the Society has unfortunately had to discontinue the International Travel Grants scheme and International Joint Projects scheme. Instead applications for international collaborations will from now on be managed through a new International Exchanges Scheme. However, the Society will unfortunately no longer be able to support conference attendance through this scheme. Whilst we acknowledge that conference attendance is important in raising the profile of UK science and scientists, the Society felt that facilitating international collaborations should be the priority during a period of budget constraints.

The International Exchanges scheme will be launched next week - please check the website on Monday 4 April for further details and scheme notes.


Research Awards

The UK Schools Animation Competition "Animation12"

PI: Toby Howard and the Animation team.

Funder/Amount: 12,300 (Google) and 14,000 (NESTA).