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6 Dec 2010


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Lectureship in Nano Engineering/Computer Engineering

The school currently has an opening for a Lecturer in Nano Engineering / Computer Engineering. If you know anyone who might have an appropriate background, please bring the opportunity to their attention. Details from:



Faculty Meeting                                                                                                8 Dec 10

All meetings will be held at 2pm and should last no longer than 1 hour:

8 December 2010 in G54, Chemistry


1. Update on the external environment, including student fees.

2. Progress and strategic direction of the Faculty and Schools.

3. Annual Research Profiling Exercise (RPE).

4. Update on ERVS.

5. Open questions/debate (covering any issue).

More information

School Seminar                                                                                                8 Dec 10

Dr David Shotton. University of Oxford.

14:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building

Seminar webpage

Experience with Binary Translation                                                         20 Dec 10

Dave Ditzel, Chief Architect of Hybrid Parallel Computing and Vice

President, Intel Architecture Group.

11:00, Lecture Theatre 1.3 Kilburn Building

Dave has a long and distinguished history in computer architecture at AT&T Bell Labs, Sun Microsystems and as founding CEO of Transmeta, whose products used dynamic binary translation to compete with Intel CPUs using much simpler Silicon designs.  Transmeta carried out a successful IPO just before the technology bubble burst in 2000, and along the way, Dave picked up a fine collection of entertaining stories, some of which he promises to share with us.

Junk the Jargon event/competition                                                             Various

The ability to talk about your research to a non-specialist audience is a vital skill.  We challenge you to make your research topic clear and entertaining.  Postgraduate researchers, post-docs and early career research fellows are encouraged to enter.  £500 first prize.


In only 3 minutes, can you…

·        Engage, inspire or challenge the audience?

·        Communicate your research simply and directly?

·        Share your research but avoid the jargon?

·        Show why your research is important and relevant?


Competition heats will be held in each Faculty in December and January.  Winners and runners-up for each will go through to the final in February.


3 bite size workshops will provide a chance to get advice and feedback before you enter the competition:

1. Audience – Engaging them in your research

2. Content – Clarify your research message

3. Deliver – Developing a presentation style


Key dates


16 December 2010, 10 and 13 January 2011: Support Workshops

19 January 2011: EPS Faculty Heat

Mid February 2011: University Grand Final

Further information


Prize and Awards

EPSRC UK ICT Pioneers Competition                                                     14 Jan 11

*Postgraduate Research Students: Opportunity to win prizes for demonstrating the exploitation potential of your research*

UK ICT Pioneers Competition: are you the next?

This exciting competition is open to all second and third year UK post graduate research students in ICT related subjects who can demonstrate the exploitation potential of their research.

Five cash prizes of £2000 with a chance to win a bonus prize.

This exciting competition is open to all second and third year UK post graduate research students in ICT related subjects who can demonstrate the exploitation potential of their research. Your PhD does not have to be funded by EPSRC to participate in this competition.

ICT related subjects include but are not restricted to Electronics, Communications, Computer Science and Human-Computer Interfaces and Photonics.

Closing date: 17:00 Friday 14 January 2011

Submit your entry here.

Shortlisted candidates and their supervisors will be invited to a VIP research exhibition and awards event in London during March 2011 attended by senior government and business representatives; providing a superb opportunity to get yourself noticed and make fantastic contacts in both the industrial and academic research communities.

Further information