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14 June 2010


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ERVS Applications

If you are considering making an ERVS application, please consider doing this well before the deadline, as it is helpful for the school in making decisions on individual cases if we know the whole story.

New Plaque

Staff will not need reminding that The University of Manchester is the birthplace of the modern computer. The commemorative plaque in Bridgeford Street, opposite Kilburn Building, had become very weather damaged, and we are delighted to report that, thanks to Eamon Griffin and Toby Howard, it has now been restored to its former glory.



On the Saturation of YAGO 16 Jun 10

Prof Christoph Weidenbach. Max-Planck Institute

15:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building

Seminar page

EPS Grantmanship Workshop 18 June 10

This study day aims to give university researchers who are thinking of applying to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council an overview of how the organisation works and an insight into the peer review process. The day typically involves:

  • Presentations introduction to EPSRC, the peer review process and funding opportunities
  • Tips on proposal writing first steps in grantsmanship from Professor Richard Winpenny
  • Mock panels attendees have the chance to practice a prioritisation panel meeting with real grant proposals
  • And plenty of Q&A time

If you wish to attend this workshop please contact:

City Innovation Lab: Manchester 30 June 10

Prof. Chris Taylor

13.00 14.00, Atlas Rooms


We are all aware of the transformative potential of information and communication technologies, and have observed the gathering pace at which technology has become part of everyday life. Arguably, we have reached a tipping point, where the power, ubiquity and low cost of technology is such that we can contemplate tackling some of the major challenges facing developed societies: sustainable transport infrastructure, the obesity epidemic, affordable health and social care, security, social cohesion etc. It is, however, characteristic of all these challenges that they are not just about the technology - they involve people and the need to address questions like how does the necessary cross-sectoral innovation happen, how will an intervention play out in practice, what are the social and personal psychology drivers, what new business models are needed? Realistically, such questions can only be answered by doing real experiments - deploying new technology at scale and measuring outcomes. The City Innovation Laboratory is a joint initiative between the University and the City-Region that aims to establish Manchester as a place of choice to conduct such experiments, by establishing the infrastructure to run large-scale trials, typically based around mobile technology. This should create research opportunities across many of the School's research areas including: information management, machine learning, sensors and low-power devices, biohealth informatics, social networks etc. In the (fairly short) talk, I will explain in more detail what is happening and discuss the opportunities for CS.

Computational Electromagnetics Seminar 1 July 10

The Schools of Mathematics and Electrical and Electronic Engineering in

collaboration with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

(SIAM) would like to invite you to the first university-wide Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) seminar. This seminar will consist of four presentations followed up by a discussion and networking session.

13-15:00, Sackville Street Building, Room D39

Title: Modelling Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in the 3D Earth

Speaker: Oliver Dorn, School of Mathematics


Title: Huygens Subgridding for Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

Speaker: Maksims Abalenkovs, School of EEE


Title: Trouble with Toolboxes

Speaker: Michael Croucher, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Title: Parametric Finite Element Modelling in UXO Landmine Detection

Speaker: Chris Munro, School of Mathematics

Abstracts available here