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1 February 2010


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School Plan

Following on from the open planning meeting, and discussions both within functions and at the School Leadership Team, we now have a draft school plan for 2010. A descendent of this will be submitted to the Faculty at the end of February, so please feel invited to discuss this further within functions or with heads of function, and/or to pass back comments to me by Friday 12th February. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the draft plan at the school board on Wednesday 3rd February. 


The university aspires to improve its sustainability, for example by reducing its carbon footprint year-on-year (see here). At least, this will involve understanding better how energy is being used, and what actions might usefully be taken (please resist the temptation here to email me about the heating system in Kilburn…). To meet the aspiration, “sustainability enthusiasts” are being identified, who in our context might usefully hope to improve understanding of issues and identify school-level actions that might have some effect.  If you would be interested in taking on such a role (for which duties credit will be available to academics), please let me know by Friday 12th February.



 Nano-Carbon Devices and their Large-scale Integration                     8 Feb 10

Aravind Vijayaraghavan

MIT, Cambridge, MA

1000, Atlas 1, Kilburn Building

A novel geometry for spin-torque oscillators                                           8 Feb 10

Alina Deac

Institute of Solid State Research, Research Center Jülich, Germany

1500,Atlas 1, Kilburn Building

Nanomaterials integration with fully processed CMOS substrate and their application in gas sensing                                                                                9 Feb 10

Dr. Sumita Santra

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

1300, Atlas 1, Kilburn Building

Advanced ferroelectrics for sensor and memory applications           9 Feb 10

Dr. Haixue Yan

Nanoforce Technology Ltd and School of Engineering and Materials

Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

1100, Altas 1, Kilburn Building