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9 November 2009


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KTA – An Opportunity not to be Missed

The recent success of the university in obtaining an £8.3M Knowledge Transfer Account from the EPSRC means that there are significant resources available for different forms of collaborative activities with industry in areas where we have held EPSRC funding. Further details of the funding mechanisms are available at:

The forms are also linked to below to provide password-free access:

  • Secondment Scheme (Exploitation secondment form, Exploration secondment form, Details) exploitation secondments focused directly on the development of specific research outputs (either secondment-in of user organisation staff, or secondment out of University staff); exploration secondments which enable companies to explore the opportunities offered by particular research areas, or academics to explore the application possibilities for their research.
  • Awards for Concept Development and Feasibility Studies ( Details, Form) funding will be available to support the development of an early evaluation prototype or ‘demonstrator’, initial trials in a particular field, or ‘scoping exercises’.
  • Knowledge Transfer Fellows scheme – (Details, Form) This scheme will underwrite the employment of full time ‘KT Fellows’ to respond to demand for short term research application projects from a range of companies.
  • Knowledge  Transfer Partnerships(Details) Projects to support the delivery of new knowledge/technology into the company partner, to develop new or enhanced product, process, way of working.

The expectation is that this funding will be less competitive than other sources are likely to be over the next few years, so this seems like a good opportunity both to build new relationships with industry and to strengthen existing ones. The research office will be happy to provide input on costings, and as a school we will try to get our beans in a row to support applicants in preparing the best possible submissions (watch this space). However, the first of a series of rolling deadlines is 24th November, so if you have suitable industrial contacts, please follow them up as soon as possible.



Manchester Beacon for Public Engagement Summit                      9-12 Nov 09

A week long celebration of people and projects that bring universities and communities together.  The Summit includes science communication training, networking and sharing opportunities, the launch of community leadership programme and learning events.

Further information

Infer.NET and Csoft: a framework and language for machine learning 9 Nov

John Winn, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
14:00, Room 407 IT building

Double SIGGRAPH session                                                                               9 Nov

13:00, Cosine Lobe Based Relighting from Gradient Illumination Photographs

 - Graham Fyffe

14:00, 2009 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, Executive Producer "CAF (Computer Animation Festival) Screening - Carlye Archibeque

Room 1.10, Kilburn building

IMG seminar: Project Wonderland                                                                 11 Nov

Bernard Horan, Sun Microsystems
13.00, Lecture Theatre 1.3 Kilburn Building

Implementing Ontologies in OWL                                                             11-12 Nov

The BioHealth Informatics group at the University of Manchester in partnership with NWeHealth will be hosting their internationally renowned OWL Ontology tutorials at the University.

This two-day introductory ‘hands-on’ workshop aims to provide attendees with both the theoretical foundations and practical experience to begin building OWL ontologies using the latest version of the Protégé-OWL tools (Protege4).  It is based on Manchester's well-known "Pizza tutorial" (

Registration and further information

Computational models of the heart: Successes, failures, and prospects for the future                                                                                                         11 Nov 09

14:15, Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building


Maths: Getting it right early                                                                        18 Nov 09

Sir Peter Williams CBE FRS will be delivering the 2009 Maths in Society Lecture.  Sir Peter is the chair of the Independent Review of Mathematics Teaching in Early Years Settings and is also Treasurer and Vice President of the Royal Society.  If you would like to attend this lecture please complete registration here or call Cath Brocklehurst on 55881. This event is also open to alumni and teachers so please feel free to forward this invitation to any contacts who may be interested. Spaces are limited so booking is essential.

16:30, Alan Turing Building.



NWDA Innovation Vouchers Funding Opportunities

Innovation Vouchers are designed to help Northwest businesses owners, entrepreneurs and social enterprises to purchase a knowledge provider's expertise to develop innovation and enhance business.

The scheme provides a voucher up to £3,000 to growing businesses and social enterprises and was set up to encourage and make it easier for more people to engage with the knowledge base; in particular universities and further education colleges.

The way the scheme works is that companies apply for an NWDA voucher (see here) that can be spent on one of a number of knowledge providers registered with the scheme. The University is registered. In the voucher application, a company briefly describes the problem they wish to have addressed. knowledge providers can submit and expression of interest to do some work under the voucher. The company then chooses a knowledge provider to work with.

The scheme is managed on behalf of the University by UMIC. If anyone is interested in following up this call, they should contact Laura Etchells at UMIC.