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27 April 2009


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EPS eLearning website launch

The new EPS eLearning Website, which contains information about the Faculty eLearning Team, and information about how the team can support the academic community to produce engaging, effective content which will enhance the eLearning experience, has been launched.

Website link

Newsletter is now available publicly

The newsletter is now accessible from outside of Computer Science.  The new homepage is:

Duties Allocation Comments

Following the publication of the draft duties allocation outcomes in last week’s newsletter, here are a few additional comments on the new process and its outcome.

This year’s process has not been especially difficult – the principal underlying changes are: (i) the introduction of the new second year (and thus the phasing out of the two previous second years); and (ii) an increase in the assigned administrative/management loads of 1355 hours. The latter contains two aspects: creation of a number of new roles where there was a perceived gap (e.g. in research and teaching strategy, and responsibility for web content); and making explicit some existing responsibilities (e.g. in public engagement). It was always my expectation that administrative/managerial loads on academic staff would increase early during my time as HoS, but hopefully most of the necessary changes in terms of scale of activity are being addressed in this duties allocation round. In case this has passed anyone by, the duties allocation process for 2010/11 is likely to be significantly more challenging, as new undergraduate 3rd year and new masters programmes are being introduced at the same time (and 3rd year involves around half of the undergraduate course units).

The duties allocation process took account of the new loading model (reflected in, which, as you can tell, has not resulted in everyone immediately becoming equally loaded! However, 4 of the top 5 most heavily loaded staff (with reference to the formula) in 2008/09 have been relieved of some duties for 2009/10, and all of the 10 most lightly loaded staff have been assigned some new or additional duties in 2010/11. As such, concrete steps are being taken to ensure that responsibilities are being spread more evenly across academic staff, and over time further progress should be able to be made in this direction.

If you have any comments on the process or its outcome, please let me know, and we will consider what improvements might be made next year.



vbrowser - 'Single access point to the Grid'                                           28 Apr 09

Piter T. de Boer, Instituut voor Informatica, Universiteit van Amsterdam
12:00, Atlas 1  Further information