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23 February 2009


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News from Head of School

President’s Visit to School

The President's visit to the school on 9th March is structured as follows:


  • 2.30 Meeting with School Leadership Team – 30 minutes (Atlas 1)
  • 3.00 Open meeting for all staff – 40 minutes (Room 2.19)
  • 3.40 One-to-one with HoS - 20 minutes (HoS Office)

Here the largest session is the open meeting for all staff. In this setting, the suggestion is that Goran (as Chair of the School Board) chairs the session, which we anticipate will be largely informal, following a question/answer format. As such, if you have questions or topics that you would like to have discussed, please email these to Goran by 5th March, so that he can propose an order and ensure that the most popular topics are addressed early on.

SPORT announcement

SPORT at The University of Manchester is carrying out a survey about how you feel about your sports facilities. Take the time to tell us what you think and we will enter you into our prize draw to win gym memberships and enrolment courses.

The competition is open to all users of the sport facilities.

To complete the survey, please click here or visit the SPORT homepage.



Analysis of Diversity Mechanisms for Global Exploration                  23 Feb 09

Peter Oliveto, University of Birmingham

14:00, Atlas 1, Kilburn building

Machine learning seminars

JBCA Colloquium                                                                                          25 Feb 09

Drift-Alfven vortices at the ion Larmor radius scale: Cluster observations versus theory

Dr Vladimir Krasnoselskikh, CNRS

1600, Lovell Seminar Room, Turing building

Health Services for England – Data playgrounds and complex clustering 26 Feb 09

Tom Hennell, Strategic Analyst for NHS Northwest

1130, Atlas 1.

The Health Survey for England (HSE) comprises a series of annual surveys beginning in 1991. The series is part of an overall programme of surveys commissioned by the DH and designed to provide regular information on various aspects of the nation's health. This is an expensive and highly under utilised resource and has applicability to Public Health, Epidemiology and Social Science. The presentation will explore ways in which HSE could be more utilised as well as touching upon how complex clustering could aid in the information extracted from the survey.

Microelectronics and Nanostructures Group seminar                        26 Feb 09

Solution-based methods for the large-scale synthesis of Zinc Oxide nanostructures.

Dr Marco Palumbo, EEE, University of Manchester

1400, C1, George Begg building


New Funding and Award Opportunities                           top

Dorothy Hodgkins PhD Scholarships                                                        1 Mar 09

Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards (DHPA) is a UK scheme to bring outstanding students from India, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and the developing world to come and study for PhDs in top rated UK research facilities.

This year EPSRC and the DIUS decided that there would only be paired awards for DHPA this year. Paired awards from core private sector sponsors are normally strongly associated with particular research organisations, departments or supervisors. They are therefore seeking contacts in companies that they could approach to set up paired awards. If any suggested contact made by staff in UoM leads to a company participating, then that is likely to be a company that we have good research links with and therefore we will stand a good chance of getting a studentship.  Please contact Joanna.Heaps for more information.

Big Chip 2009 open for entries                                                                   16 Mar 09

Now is your chance to enter the biggest and best digital awards outside London.

Closing date is 16 March 2009. Click here for more information.


Research Awards                                                              top

None this week