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22 December 2008


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Merry Christmas

End of term has been unusually late this year, so there is barely time to squeeze in a newsletter, far less to tidy up the inevitable loose ends, before “the big day”. Anyway, let the opportunity not be lost for some hasty best wishes for an enjoyable and relaxing festive season!

The school seems to be completing 2008 in reasonable health; strong undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment figures during the year, combined with a collection of recent research grant successes, mean that we are well placed to meet our (fairly challenging) budget for the current financial year. In  addition, although the financial consequences have yet to be worked out, our RAE performance provides renewed evidence that the school hosts a broad base of high quality research. Reflecting on my first seven weeks as HoS, commitment and common sense have proved to be widely in evidence. As a result, I am grateful for the many contributions being made throughout the school, and look forward to further constructive interactions in the new year.

RAE Results: Additional Analyses

The opportunities for creative interpretation of the recent RAE results are numerous, and hopefully will not give rise to an ongoing collection of items in this newsletter. However, for those of you who did not manage to attend the briefing meeting on the RAE led by Chris and Steve on 18th December, the slides that Chris prepared for the meeting contain a collection of interesting local and national comparisons.

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