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28 July 2008


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Signing off until September

This will be the last newsletter until September.  I will be away on holiday from Friday 1st July, but Norman Paton will be here whilst I am away and will be acting as HoS in my absence.  I hope the summer will allow us all a much-needed opportunity to renew our stocks of energy and enthusiasm and that those of you taking a holiday during August will have an enjoyable break.

Comings and Goings Event

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the comings and goings event on Friday, and to ACSO for organising it.  I know that many of you were pleased to have the opportunity to wish bon voyage to several long-standing members of staff who, in several cases, are setting off into the unknown, and I’m sure that you join me in wishing them all the best of luck in their future endeavours.


Events this Week                                                              top

Regular Seminar Series

See links in contents bar for information on seminar series organised by the School of CS, E-Science North West and National Centre for Text Mining.


Future School Events                                                       top

School Board Dates

1 October - Budget Report and Dean attending
26 November - UG Report
4 February - PG Report
25 March - External Affairs Report
6 May - Research Report
1 July - Resources Report

All meetings take place 1530-1700 in IT 407.


Future External Events                                                     top

Arts meets Science, Science meets Art                                                   23 Sep 08

A series of free Roberts funded summer seminars for postgraduate research students.  These seminars have been organised by the Graduate Education Team and Jodrell bank and are open to research students from the University of Manchester. The series of seminars will explore collaborations across the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. Students are also invited to provide posters about their own cross-disciplinary work.

More information

BCS International Academic Research Conference                      22-24 Sep 08

The British Computer Society is launching its first International Academic Conference. Full paper submissions are being solicited in all areas of research covering the broad field of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). The conference will be organized in sessions and mini-tracks, each devoted to a theme or area, and will include a small number of invited presentations.  The topics included are deliberately broad to reflect the rich texture and intellectual vigor of CSE.  Venue: Imperial College London

More Information


Funding Opportunities                                                      top

Newton International Fellowships                                                              4 Aug 08

A new multi-million pound initiative to fund research collaborations and improve links between UK and overseas researchers has been launched.  The Newton International Fellowships aim to attract the most promising, early stage, post-doctoral researchers working overseas, who do not hold UK citizenship, in the fields of humanities, engineering, natural and social sciences.  The scheme provides funding to successful candidates for up to 2 years to work with research groups at a UK research Institution and to establish long term international collaborations.

More Information

EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships Call 2008                                          30 Sep 08

EPSRC are offering Postdoctoral Fellowships in theoretical physics, theoretical computer sciences, mathematical sciences and life sciences interface to enable the most talented new researchers to establish an independent research career, shortly or immediately after completing a PhD.  The awards are for a period of up to three years and primarily cover the salary costs of the Fellow, travel and subsistence.
More Information

Industrial Secondment Scheme                                                                        Open

The Industrial Secondment Scheme provides an invaluable opportunity for engineering teaching staff in Higher Education institutions to gain state-of-the-art industrial experience.  Applicable to engineers of all disciplines, the scheme's objective is to enable the secondees to impart the fruits of this experience to their students through teaching, through case studies using up-to-date material and, in the longer term, through course design. The benefits also accrue to the host organization which gains a temporary but highly qualified member of staff, and to the university which has the opportunity of strengthening its links with industry.

More Information

UoM Knowledge Transfer Challenge                                                               Open

The KT Challenge offers small grants for concept studies and feasibility studies. If you are interested in developing ideas in collaboration with an industrial partner – developing new technology, or applying existing technology in an industrial setting – please contact Constantinos Astreos.

EPSRC Encouraging Postdoctoral Mobility Between Disciplines           Open

EPSRC would like to encourage the transfer of outputs of research between different research disciplines as well as aiding the career development of EPSRC funded PDRAs. In the first instance an extra year of support will be offered. Transfers between the engineering and physical science disciplines and the life sciences are encouraged.  There are no closing dates for proposals.

More Information

EPSRC ICT Platform Grants                                                                               Open

EPSRC invites outline proposals for its information and communication technology platform grants. Platform grants aim to provide world-leading UK groups with continuity of funding for strategic development, longer-term research and international networking.

More Information

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chairs                                        Open

Full-time professorial appointments, in any engineering-related subject. The academy particularly welcomes proposals of a multidisciplinary nature. Funding is provided for 5 years.

More Information

RAEng Industrial Secondment Scheme                                                          Open

An opportunity for university lecturers in engineering to gain state-of-the-art industrial experience.

More Information

BBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS)                       Open

To help scientists make and establish new contacts with their international counterparts.

More Information

RAEng Global Research Awards                                                                      Open

Projects in centres of excellence overseas focussing on stimulating wealth creation and improvements in the quality of life.

More Information

EPSRC Engineering Visits                                                                                  Open

Support for salary costs and travel subsistence for scientists and engineers of acknowledged standing, either from within the UK or abroad, to visit the investigator's organisation.

More Information


Prize and Award Opportunities                                         top

We have acknowledged the need to raise the profile of the School both nationally and internationally.  Nominating individuals for awards, and working actively with others to ensure that deserving individuals are nominated is one way of doing that.


None currently open


Research Awards                                                              top

None this week


Staff News                                                                          top

Awards and Promotions

None this week

Academic Arrivals

None this week

Academic Departures

Alan Williams

Mary McGee Wood

Andy Naftel

Christos Tjortjis

Research Arrivals

None this week

Research & Technical Departures

Bob Snowdon

Marjahan Begum

Andy Pickering

Administrative Arrivals

None this week

Administrative Departures

None this week

Sabbatical Leave

Alasdair Rawsthorne: 80% secondment to Transitive Technologies
Oct 07 – Sep 08. - continuing


John Keane: Academic Year 2008/09


Len Freeman: April to Sept 2009


John Gurd: Academic Year 2009/10


Liping Zhao: Sept 2008 to Mid Jan 09, and Mid July 09 to mid Jan 10


Josh Knowles: Feb 2009 for 6 months


Rizos Sakellariou: Lent term 2008-09, Summer term 2008-09, Michaelmas Term 2009-10 (2 semesters)


Xiao-Jun Zeng: January 2009-April 2009


Ning Zhang: January 2009 – June 2009


Vacancies                                                                           top

Academic Staff


Research & Technical Staff

Research Associate in Sensor Information Management
School of Computer Science
Closing date: 08/08/2008. Ref EPS/80857.


Software Engineer - National Centre for Text Mining
School of Computer Science
Closing date: 11/08/08. Ref EPS/80858.

Management & Professional Staff


Administrative Staff

Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
School of Computer Science
Closing date: 01/08/2008. Ref EPS/80822.