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16 April 2007


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Chris is delayed in the US today and so the next edition of the newsletter will have his fuller input.

University Undergraduate Open Days 2007

The Undergraduate Open Days for 2007 are Friday 22nd June, Saturday 23rd June and Saturday 6th October.  The School has two 90 minute slots 1130-1300 and 1300-1430.  Each slot involves a 30 minute presentation on the attractions of studying here, a tour, demos, and a 'meet & greet' session, where prospective students and their parents can meet staff and existing students informally. The External Affairs Office will be contacting staff soon for the demos and presentations but if you are available on any of these three days and would like to volunteer we would appreciate your help especially for the meet & greet sessions.   If you are able to help out anytime between 1000 – 1600 especially with the first two Open Days on Friday 22nd June or Saturday 24th June please contact Sophia or Bernard in the External Affairs Office.

Google Visit - academic staff meeting                                                      18 Apr 07

On Wednesday 18th April we are being visited by Google. Nick Creswell, Google’s University Relations Manager, and Fabrice Callette, a former PhD student who now works at the company's European Engineering hub in Zurich, will be joining us to talk to both students and staff. In addition to a tech talk (the details of which were circulated earlier) Google have requested the opportunity to talk to any members of academic staff interested in hearing more about building a relationship between Manchester and Google.   Google are keen to discuss their Research Awards (Grants) programme, their visiting faculty programme, provision of guest lecturers, project/placement opportunities, and potential involvement in the School’s research symposium. They are also very keen for ideas and suggestions of other ways in which we could work together more closely.  The meeting will take place next Wednesday April 18th in the Mercury Room 12:00pm – 1:00pm.  Space is limited so if you would like to attend please email Natasha If there is anything specific you would like included on the agenda please include this in any email.


Events this Week                                                               top

Integrated Decision Support for Clinical Oncology                              18 Apr 07

A case study in breast cancer. 

Prof Paulo Lisboa. Liverpool John Moores University

1415, Lecture Theatre 1.5, Kilburn

More Information

Google Tech Talk                                                                                           18 Apr 07

Fabrice Callette

On Wednesday 18th April Google will be visiting the University to give their first ever Tech Talk at Manchester. The speaker will be Fabrice Caillette, who completed his PhD at Manchester in 2006, and now works at the company's European Engineering hub in Zurich.  As a technical introduction to Google, Fabrice will explain some of the challenges involved in large-scale information retrieval across billions of webpages, as well as the difficulties in understanding user intent across hundreds of millions of search queries a day. He'll describe some of the solutions Google has developed for these challenges, and he'll take Q&A afterward.  The event is intended for Computer Science staff, students on all degree courses and in any year, and anyone with an interest in Google technologies.  There will also be information provided on careers with Google, both in the UK and further afield - from Zurich to Trondheim to Silicon Valley. 

1300, Lecture Theatre 1.3, Kilburn

Basic Facilitation Skills & Techniques                                                     18 Apr 07

Marcia Ody, Students as Partners

This highly interactive and experiential workshop will explore the role of the effective facilitator, the basic facilitation process and introduce techniques to motivate small groups and maximise student learning. This practical session will focus on increasing confidence to interact with student groups for new or developing facilitators.

1330 – 1700, CEEBL, C24, Sackville St Building

More Information & Registration

PET in drug development                                                                            19 Apr 07

Dr Julian Matthews, WMIC

For more information, and to confirm attendance, please contact Jonathan Bevan

1600, WMIC, Palatine Road in Withington (Christie Hospital site)

BioModelling Network Seminar                                                                  20 Apr 07

Good ways to build bad models: Steve Wilkinson

Reverse engineering of negative feedback in MAPK signalling: Nils  Bluethgen

Everyone is welcome to attend; also feel free to invite others who may have an interest in the topic.   For everyone who does not already have access to MIB, please email Dr. Evangelos Simeonidis with your name, and you will be included on the list of guests at MIB reception.

1200 - 1300, MIB (Lecture Theatre)

Regular Seminar Series

See links in contents bar for information on seminar series organised by the School of CS, E-Science North West and National Centre for Text Mining.


Future School Events                                                        top

Gaussian Process for 3D Human Body Tracking New                             24 Apr 07

Character Animation and Classification

Raquel Urtasun, MIT CSAIL

1400-1500, Room 2.19, Kilburn

More Information

UK e-Science Programme Awareness Event                                          1 May 07

The UK e-Science programme has enjoyed a high international profile since its inception in 2001. The University of Manchester has played a major role in shaping the programme with major contributions, e.g. in Astronomy, Bioscience, Computer Science, Medical Science, Physics and Social Science.  On 1 May 2007 The University of Manchester is organising an awareness event to present opportunities for University of Manchester researchers to benefit from this high profile event and to demonstrate the range of support for developing new collaborations and bids across the full range of the Research Councils. There will be presentations and demonstrations from successful projects and information about how to utilise e-Science methods for future proposals and collaborations.  Registration is required. Email for : Further details & registration

1300, ESNW, Kilburn (lunch provided)

Post Grad Visit Day                                                                                         3 May 07

As a first step, please email Sue Wolfenden if you are prepared to help.  We are in the process of organising demos, but would be grateful for other suggestions for the format of the day.

OGF20/2nd EGEE User Forum                                                                 7-11 May 07

OGF20, presented by the Open Grid Forum and co-located with EGEE's 2nd User Forum, is the premier grid technologies event of 2007. Come join the Open Grid Forum as we continue our mission to accelerate grid adoption in science and industry.

Venue: Manchester Central

More Information and Registration

Academic Staff Away Days                                                                   24-25 May 07

Following the success of previous events, we plan to hold a two day residential away-event for academic staff – on the 24-25 May 2007.  Please make a note of these dates in your diary – details will follow nearer the event.

Post Grad Visit Days                                                                                       7 Jun 07

As a first step, please email Sue Wolfenden if you are prepared to help.  We are in the process of organising demos, but would be grateful for other suggestions for the format of the day.

University Graduation Ceremony for Computer Science                     13 Jul 07

UG & PG.  Reception in School followed by Graduation Ceremony at 1645.

UG Exam Board Dates                                                                                     Various

15 Jun, 1000, IT 407: Internal Exams Board, 3rd Year

15 Jun, 1400, IT 407: Internal Exams Board, 2nd Year

15 Jun, 1500, IT 407: Internal Exams Board, 1st Year

19 Jun, 1400. IT 407: External Exams Board

PG Exam Board Dates                                                                                     Various

24 Apr, 1400, Atlas Suite: Internal Exams Board
26 Apr, 1400, Atlas Suite: External Exams Board


Future External Events                                                      top

Motivating Students to work in Teams                                                     24 Apr 07

Skills for the facilitator

This session, the second in a series of three*, will concentrate on planning and

facilitation issues that you will need to bear in mind when organising your students to work in teams.  Please email EPS-TSU to reserve you place at this event.  Lunch will be provided.

1200-1330, George Begg C4

PET neurology                                                                                                26 Apr 07

Prof Karl Herholz, School of Medicine, UoM

For more information, and to confirm attendance, please contact Jonathan Bevan

1600, WMIC, Palatine Road in Withington (Christie Hospital site)

Enhancing Projects and Dissertations                                                    28 Apr 07

Enhancing projects and dissertations lessons from enquiry-based learning

Dr Peter Kahn, Learning Development

Do your students undertake project work or do you ask them to complete a dissertation? This practical workshop will consider how to improve project work and dissertations by drawing on ideas developed within enquiry-based learning.

1400 – 1630, CEEBL, C24, Sackville St Building

More Information & Registration

Interested in communicating with young people? New                     30-31 Apr 07

Training opportunity

With support from the Royal Society and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, the Science Learning Centres have established a course for researchers wanting to work with young people in schools.  This course will support scientists wishing to have direct contact with children, either in a classroom setting, or in a setting with a larger audience of school children such as an assembly or a lecture demonstration.  This course is free to active researchers, including travel expenses. To register your interest or for more information, please contact the course leader, Katy Bloom at the National Science Learning Centre.

More Information

Development of Novel Technologies Meeting                                       30 Apr 07

Instrumentation for measurement and quantification in biosciences.

Organiser: Prof Peter Fielden, CEAS

The objectives of the meeting are to provide an opportunity to meet with colleagues with similar interests; share skills and expertise; provide a forum for discussion; determine what the needs of the area are; examine areas for development, interaction and new funding.  Tea and coffee will be provided.  So that we have an idea of numbers, please email Rachel Woolley if you intend to come along.

1300, LG.011, MIB

System Identification and Experimental Design                                     1 May 07

How to best use your data

Dr Martin Brown, Senior Lecturer in EEE

MCISB website

1400, MIB (Lecture Theatre)

Biomolecular Engineering & Systems Analysis                             21-22 May 07

Biomolecular engineering and systems analysis are areas of great excitement and rapid development.  At this conference, presentations will be given by renowned academics in the fields of nanodevices, systems biology, and innovative bioprocessing.  The keynote lecture on Innovation will be given by Professor Richard Darton from the University of Oxford.  More Information.

Venue: MIB

Graduate Research Conference                                                                12 Jun 07

A showcase of interdisciplinary graduate research

Postgraduates and post-docs from across the sciences are invited to participate
in the Graduate Research Conference. In association with the Faculty of
Engineering and Physical Sciences, this inaugural conference aims to foster
interdisciplinary research excellence and promote transferable research skills
at the
University of Manchester.  This year's multi-disciplinary program will highlight the dynamic research undertaken within: School of Physics and Astronomy, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, The Photon Science Institute & The Dalton Institute.

9.30 - 18.00, Simon Building

More Information

IAS'07                                                                                                          29-31 Aug 07

Information assurance and security has become an important research issue in networked and distributed information sharing environments. Finding effective ways to protect information systems, networks and sensitive data within the critical information infrastructure is challenging even with the most advanced technology and trained professionals. The International Symposium on Information Assurance and Security aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, developers, and policy makers involved in multiple disciplines of information security and assurance to exchange ideas and to learn the latest development in this important field.  Organised by Dr Ning Zhang, IMG.

The Sixth UK e-Science All Hands Meeting                                      10-13 Sep 07

The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum in which e-Science projects
from all disciplines can be discussed, and where the results from projects
can be demonstrated. The conference will therefore feature presentations by
groups throughout the UK who are active in e-Science projects, in addition
to poster sessions, mini-workshop sessions, project demonstrations,
tutorials, and birds-of-a-feather sessions. The schedule will also include a
number of invited Keynote speakers involved in leading Grid and e-Science

More Information


Funding Opportunities                                                       top

BBSRC Enterprise Fellowships                                                                 16 Apr 07

The BBSRC Enterprise Fellowships are designed to enable an individual to advance the commercialisation of existing research results or technological developments and will be tenable for a period of one year commencing on or before 1 October 2007. The Fellowships enable the holder to concentrate on developing the commercial potential of their research, whilst also receiving formal training in relevant business skills.

More Information

2007 BA Media Fellowship scheme                                                           18 Apr 07

The BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science) runs a project called the BA Media Fellowships scheme.  It’s an amazing opportunity for scientists to experience being a science journalist, working alongside the professionals for 3-8 weeks, greatly enhancing writing and communication skills. 

More Information

European Research Council Grant Schemes                                        25 Apr 07

The European Research Council (ERC) is the first pan-European funding body set up to support investigator-driven frontier research. The main aim of the newly-established body is to stimulate scientific excellence by supporting and encouraging the very best, truly creative scientists, engineers and scholars to be adventurous and take risks in their research.

More Information

British Council Research Exchange Programme New                              2 Jun 07

The Researcher Exchange Programme (RXP) is the new initiative that aims to promote the development of scientific co-operation and contacts between the UK and other countries.  The purpose of the Researcher Exchange Programme is to help develop new research links between higher education institutions and research laboratories in the UK and other countries. It aims to encourage mobility and internationalism among early stage researchers for the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge, and for relationship-building.

More Information

Technology Programme - Spring 2007 Competition                            18 Jun 07

The latest Technology Programme call opens on April 24th and has £100 million to allocate.

More Information

UoM Simon Industrial and Professional Fellowship                                1 Jul 07

The regulations and faculty financial allocations for the Simon Industrial and Professional Fellowship appointments during the 2006/07 academic session are available here.  Any applications should be sent to Helen Gleeson initially (not the Dean as stated).  Nominations must be received no later than 1 July 2007.

EPSRC ICT Platform Grants                                                                               Open

EPSRC invites outline proposals for its information and communication technology platform grants. Platform grants aim to provide world-leading UK groups with continuity of funding for strategic development, longer-term research and international networking.

More Information

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chairs                                        Open

The Royal Academy of Engineering invites applications for its research chairs. 
Research Chairs are full-time professorial appointments, in any engineering-related subject. The academy particularly welcomes proposals of a multidisciplinary nature. Funding is provided for 5 years.

More Information

RAEng Industrial Secondment Scheme                                                          Open

An opportunity for university lecturers in engineering to gain state-of-the-art industrial experience.

More Information

BBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS)                       Open

To help scientists make and establish new contacts with their international counterparts.

More Information

RAEng Global Research Awards                                                                      Open

Projects in centres of excellence overseas focussing on stimulating wealth creation and improvements in the quality of life.

More Information

EPSRC Engineering Visits                                                                                  Open

Support for salary costs and travel subsistence for scientists and engineers of acknowledged standing, either from within the UK or abroad, to visit the investigator's organisation.

More Information


Prize and Award Opportunities                                          top

We have acknowledged the need to raise the profile of the School both nationally and internationally.  Nominating individuals for awards, and working actively with others to ensure that deserving individuals are nominated is one way of doing that.

Philip Leverhulme Prizes                                                                            15 May 07

Philip Leverhulme Prizes are awarded to outstanding scholars (normally under the age of 36) whose work has already been recognised at an international level, where further work of particular promise can be confidently expected.  Approximately 25 Prizes are available.  For the 2007 competition the selected disciplines are: Astronomy and Astrophysics; Engineering; Geography; Modern European Languages and Literature (including English); Philosophy and Ethics.  Nominations for Prizes are to be endorsed by the head of the nominee's institution (normally a university).  Please inform Helen Gleeson of any nominations made.

More Information

IEEE Medal of Honour – Nominations                                                         1 Jul 07

The IEEE Medal of Honor is the Institute's highest award.  It is given for an exceptional contribution or an extraordinary career in the IEEE fields of interest. 
It is presented only when a candidate is identified as having made a particular contribution which forms a clearly exceptional addition to the science and technology of concern to the Institute. Recipient selection is administered through the IEEE Medals Council of the IEEE Awards Board.

More Information


Research Awards                                                               top

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Sabbatical Leave

Alasdair Rawsthorne: 80% secondment to Transitive Technologies
Oct 06 – Sep 07.

Howard Barringer: King’s College London & Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA)

Feb 07 - Sep 07


Vacancies                                                                            top

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Research & Technical Staff

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate, EPS/064/07

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