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4 December 2006


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EA Games Event

The School was buzzing once again this week, with an event to raise young people’s awareness of computer science and motivate them to take an interest in the subject.  Over two hundred Year 11 and 12 secondary school students attended a fascinating lecture by the Chief Technical Officer of EA Games NW Development Studio on “The Science Behind Computer Games”, followed by a games ladder competition using a large array of games consoles supplied by EA. The lucky winners received free EA games of their choice. All the schools involved were impressed by the professional way in which the event was run and, more importantly, enjoyed the way it combined a serious message with a lot of fun.  Well done to Bernard and the External Affairs team, and many thanks to all of you who lent your support.

EPSRC International Review of ICT

As many of you will know, EPSRC has commissioned an International Review of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).  The aim is to ‘establish the international perception of the quality and impact of UK ICT research’ with a view to informing the Council’s future strategy (further information).  The panel of international experts will spend this coming week in the UK, meeting ICT researchers and assessing evidence.  Five of the panel will be visiting Manchester on Wednesday morning and we have arranged a programme of posters, demonstrations and discussions, involving academic and research staff from CS and E&EE.  This will result in fairly intensive activity in the Atlas/Museum area on Wednesday morning.  Many thanks to those of you who have agreed to contribute to this important event.  Given the short duration of the visit, and some fairly specific guidelines from EPSRC, we can only provide a ‘taster’ of our ICT research, but I’m sure those involved will give a good account of the School.

Children in Need Cake and Book Sale

Another fantastic event, raising over £1050 for Children in Need and Christies!  The online auction caused a stir and raised £277 – many thanks to Iain Hart for setting it up.  Overall, a very enjoyable and worthwhile day.  Many thanks to ACSO and to Toby Howard for all their hard work, and to all of you who contributed.


Events this Week                                                             top

School Board New                                                                                           6 Dec 06

Meeting of the School Board.  Main business – UG Report

1530, IT407

Postgraduate Open Day                                                                                6 Dec 06

An all day event with centrally organised activities in the morning and School presentations and demos in the afternoon.  Could all academics remind 3rd/4th year undergraduates that this Wednesday  (6th December) is the University Postgraduate Open Day and the School of Computer Science is presenting a talk followed by two demonstrations in the afternoon - starting 2.20pm  - Main Reception, Kilburn Building, School of Computer Science.

EPS-TSU Showcase of Projects New                                                         7 Dec 06

Showcase of projects funded recently by the Teaching Support Unit.  Amongst others, Alex Walker from Computer Science will be talking about: A tool (course processor) to support course designers in the production of interactive learning materials for e-learning.  Please book at least two days in advance (for catering purposes) by emailing: EPS-TSU.

Lunchtime (exact times and location not supplied).

Regular Seminar Series

See links in contents bar for information on seminar series organised by the School of CS, E-Science North West and National Centre for Text Mining.


Future School Events                                                        top

President’s Visit                                                                                             28 Feb 07

The President and Vice-Chancellor will be visiting the School.  Please make a diary note – more details nearer the time.



Future External Events                                                      top

Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology         29-30 Mar 07

With participants from mathematics, statistics, computer science, bioinformatics, biology and related fields, the MASAMB meetings provide an intimate setting for exchange of ideas in methodological and applied research. Research students and scientists newly entering the field of genomic research are particularly welcome. To be considered for a talk or poster, authors should submit a one page abstract describing their research. This abstract will be used to select presentations and should provide an overview of the research objectives, methods and results.

More Information


Funding Opportunities                                                       top

EPSRC ‘Follow-on-Funds’                                                                            8 Dec 06 

The deadline for the University’s internal competition for EPSRC ‘Follow-on-Funds’ is 1600 Friday December 8th 2006. Grantholders interested in applying for this funding should contact the CS Research Office for further information and the two page application form and send it to Richard Price.

Toshiba Fellowhips                                                                                      15 Dec 06

Toshiba in association with the EPSRC invites applications from European scientists to join one of its high technology research teams in Japan.

More Information

DTI Technology Strategy - Competitions for Funding                         08 Jan 07 

The Autumn 2006 Competition for Funding was launched in London last week and the Technology Priority Areas are as follows: Network security; Moving towards the zero emission enterprise; Emerging energy technologies; Bioscience and healthcare; Sensors and imaging for medical, security and environmental applications; Plastic electronics

More Information

Royal Commission 1851 Industrial Fellowships 2007                         25 Jan 07

The Commission now sees its Industrial Fellowships as catalysts in the encouragement of innovation and creativity in British industry. Although the Fellowships are awarded to individuals, their parent Companies and associated Universities derive equal advantage from the scheme.  About eight Industrial Fellowships are offered each year for selected graduates, working in British Industry, who have a good first degree in engineering, science or medicine.

More Information

EPSRC Challenging Engineering Call New                                               2 Feb 07

Prospective applicants are encouraged to submit an outline proposal, no more than 2 pages long. Schools are asked to submit no more than 2 outline proposals.  These should be sent to Helen Gleeson by Friday 2 February 2007 to allow sufficient time for the prospective applicants to make an excellent application.

More Information

UoM Simon Industrial and Professional Fellowship                                1 Jul 07

The regulations and faculty financial allocations for the Simon Industrial and Professional Fellowship appointments during the 2006/07 academic session are available here.  Any applications should be sent to Helen Gleeson initially (not the Dean as stated).  Nominations must be received no later than 1 July 2007.

EPSRC ICT Platform Grants                                                                               Open

EPSRC invites outline proposals for its information and communication technology platform grants. Platform grants aim to provide world-leading UK groups with continuity of funding for strategic development, longer-term research and international networking.

More Information

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chairs                                        Open

The Royal Academy of Engineering invites applications for its research chairs. 
Research Chairs are full-time professorial appointments, in any engineering-related subject. The academy particularly welcomes proposals of a multidisciplinary nature. Funding is provided for 5 years.

More Information

RAEng Industrial Secondment Scheme                                                          Open

An opportunity for university lecturers in engineering to gain state-of-the-art industrial experience.

More Information

BBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS)                       Open

To help scientists make and establish new contacts with their international counterparts.

More Information

RAEng Global Research Awards                                                                      Open

Projects in centres of excellence overseas focussing on stimulating wealth creation and improvements in the quality of life.

More Information

EPSRC Engineering Visits                                                                                  Open

Support for salary costs and travel subsistence for scientists and engineers of acknowledged standing, either from within the UK or abroad, to visit the investigator's organisation.

More Information


Prize and Award Opportunities                                          top

We have acknowledged the need to raise the profile of the School both nationally and internationally.  Nominating individuals for awards, and working actively with others to ensure that deserving individuals are nominated is one way of doing that.

EPSRC Computer Science Writing Competition 2006/07                   31 Jan 07

We want unpublished articles of up to 750 words about research that’s part of any EPSRC-funded computer science project.  For this competition, computer science means the study of methods for acquiring, storing, processing, communicating and reasoning about information, and the role of interactivity in natural and artificial systems through the implementation, organisation and use of computer hardware, software and other resources.

More Information

Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award                              31 Jan 07

The UK's premier award for innovation in engineering. The Award, first presented in 1969, honours the winning company with a gold medal and the team members with a prize of £50,000. The presentation of the Award recognises the successful development of innovative ideas in engineering. It seeks to demonstrate the importance of engineering and the role of engineers and scientists in contributing to national prosperity and international prestige.

More Information

ERCIM Cor Baayen Award                                                                         15 April 07

The Cor Baayen Award is awarded each year to a most promising young researcher in computer science and applied mathematics. The award was created in 1995 to honour the first ERCIM President.  Nominations should be made by a staff member of the university or research institute where the nominee is undertaking research. Self nominations are not accepted.

More Information


Research Awards                                                               top

None this week


Staff News                                                                           top

Awards and Promotions

None this week

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None this week

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None this week

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None this week

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None this week

Administrative Arrivals

Eamon Griffin – Environment Officer

Helen Spragg – Finance Assistant

Administrative Departures

None this week

Sabbatical Leave

Alasdair Rawsthorne: 80% secondment to Transitive Technologies
Oct 06 – Sep 07.

Alvaro Fernandes: IBM Almaden Research Centre US
Jul 06 – Dec 06.

Milan Mihajlovic: University of Maryland, College Park

Jul 06 – Dec 06


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