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4th September 2006


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CS/Informatics Update

The next few months will see significant change, as we implement the agreement between EPS and Humanities following on from the review of CS and Informatics.  As you will have seen from the bulletin which I circulated separately last week, an Informatics Implementation Group has been established to work through all the repercussions, and will be issuing detailed progress reports on a regular basis.  We expect the assignment of staff from the School of Informatics to CS and MBS  to be finalised this week, bringing the first phase of the process to an end; welcome events for the staff who will be joining us will be arranged as soon as possible after that.  Probably the most significant recent development is the workshop which took place last week to kick off the process of agreeing future programmes in the broad area of Informatics (subsuming CS). This achieved buy-in from the stakeholder Schools (particularly CS, MBS/Informatics and EEE) to the notion that our offerings, as a University, need to be radically reorganised so as to present a coherent set of options to potential applicants.  The workshop established a framework for proceeding as a matter of urgency, with the aim of advertising new UG programmes for 2008 entry and PGT programmes for 2007 entry.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Undergraduate Admissions

Congratulations to Graham, Andy, Bernard and Sophia and all those involved in UG Admissions and Clearing over the last few weeks. Numbers of firm acceptances, both Home and Overseas, are higher than at this time last year and the overall entry standard is also higher. Although we are unlikely to meet our aggressive UG targets for 06/07, this is still a magnificent result especially considering that there was a 15% drop in applications this year.


Events this Week                                                               top

Training Events for New First Year Project                                             5 & 7 Sep

As previously announced, there will be two workshops this week in  preparation for the new, EBL based, project we are introducing into  our first year in September. The project will be supported by the tutorial system and will make new demands on tutors.  If you are a first year tutor, are interested in being one, or just want to find out what's going on, please sign up for one of these workshops. The two sessions will be complementary and as free-standing as possible.  If you have not already done so, please let Kath Mullins ( know if you wish to attend either session.

1300 (both days), CEEBL Suite, Sackville St Building.  Lunch provided.

Open Meeting on the Information Systems Programme                             5 Sep

Dugald Mackie, Vice Principal and Chair of the IS Programme Board, will host an Open Meeting on "2015 - The Investment in IS" at which he will outline the benefits that each of the new information systems will provide and the timescales for their delivery. He will also talk about developments in the email and calendar system, personal storage and the web, how the new systems are being made to work together and future IS plans. After his presentation, Dugald will answer questions from the audience.

1300, Lecture Theatre 1 (Room B10), Manchester Business School East

Regular Seminar Series

See links in contents bar for information on seminar series organised by the School of CS, E-Science North West and National Centre for Text Mining.


Future School Events                                                        top

School Retirement Party New                                                                     15 Sep 06

Hilary Kahn, Colin Wallis and Mike Cunningham all retire at the end of September.  We will be holding a joint retirement party for them on Friday 15th September at 3pm in the staff Common Room, to recognise their hard work and dedication to the School.  If anyone would like to contribute to a collection and/or sign the leaving cards, then please drop in to ACSO.

1500, Common Room, Kilburn


Future External Events                                                      top

Fellowships for Researchers Event (EPS) New                                    6th Sep 06

The Faculty of EPS is hosting a Fellowships for Researchers half day information event.  Speakers from The Royal Society, EPSRC, The Royal Academy of Engineering & others will be in attendance to provide information about available fellowships, as well as other grants particularly suited for those new to research e.g. First grant schemes.  Current fellowship holders will also be sharing their experiences and throughout the session there will be lots of opportunities for those attending to ask questions.  Information and application forms for all the fellowships currently open will be available on the day.

Colleagues are advised to register their interest in attending by contacting Louise Rogers as soon as possible.


Funding Opportunities                                                       top

RAEng Industrial Secondment Scheme                                                          Open

An opportunity for university lecturers in engineering to gain state-of-the-art industrial experience.

More Information

BBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS)                       Open

To help scientists make and establish new contacts with their international counterparts.

More Information

RAEng Global Research Awards                                                                      Open

Projects in centres of excellence overseas focussing on stimulating wealth creation and improvements in the quality of life.

More Information

EPSRC Engineering Visits                                                                                  Open

Support for salary costs and travel subsistence for scientists and engineers of acknowledged standing, either from within the UK or abroad, to visit the investigator's organisation.

More Information

Royal Society Research Professorships                                                  8 Sep 06

10-15 years support for internationally recognised scientists of outstanding achievement and promise. Applications are particularly welcomed from scientists currently resident outside the UK and who wish to return.

More information

EPSRC INTERACT 4th Call for Proposals New                                      14 Sep 06

INTERACT is the EPSRC programme to establish and build strong research links between the UK and India, China or Japan. In this 4th call, applications are invited from UK researchers interested in building strong networks and collaboration with those in India, China or Japan. Funding is provided for travel and subsistence and follow-on funds for the establishment of an international network of activity.

More Information

Royal Society - Paul Instrument Fund  New                                            14 Sep 06

Provides grants for the construction of novel and innovative instruments in the field of physical sciences.

More Information

British Council Researcher Exchange Awards New                            18 Sep 06

Applications are invited from researchers at the beginning of their research careers, with less than ten years active research experience after the completion of a doctoral degree, or those in the last year of their PhD. The exchange awards are for funding single or short term exchange visits for early stage researchers to make international connections.  The maximum award is 5,000

More Information

EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships                                                            26 Sep 06

For talented young researchers, shortly or immediately after completing a PhD.

More Information

Leonardo da Vinci Programme for Staff Exchange                              10 Oct 06

For the exchange of expertise, competencies, innovative methods and practices in relation to vocational training.  Exchanges do NOT need to involve two-way movement of staff.  Deadline for use of the funds and completion of exchanges has been extended.

More Information

RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellowships  New                                            13 Oct 06

The Royal Academy of Engineering and EPSRC are jointly offering up to ten Research Fellowships.  These fellowships provide five years funding to enable outstanding researchers from all branches of engineering to establish an independent research career, normally shortly or immediately after completing their PhD.

More Information

ESF Research Networking Programmes                                                 30 Oct 06

Bringing together nationally funded research activities for four to five years, to address a major scientific issue or a science-driven topic of research infrastructure, at the European level with the aim of advancing the frontiers of science. 

More Information

Royal Society Research Grants                                                                  1 Nov 06

Seed corn funding for new projects. For research scientists at an early stage of their career or established scientists wishing to change the direction of their research. 

More Information

Royal Society University Research Fellowships 2007                          1 Nov 06

More Information

EPSRC 2007 Senior Research Fellowships New                                    1 Nov 06

Applications are invited for the 2007 Senior Research Fellowships exercise.  Senior Research Fellowships are awarded to outstanding academic scientists and engineers of international repute with a minimum of 10 years post doctoral experience.  Fellows will be released from their current teaching and administration loads to devote themselves to research for the period of the award (up to 5 years).  The proposed research must be important, timely and should offer opportunities for major scientific advances.  Only a few of these most prestigious awards are made each year.

More Information

AHRC-EPSRC-JISC e-Science Research Projects Scheme  New       2 Nov 06

EPSRC is a partner in this new e-Science Initiative. The aim of the scheme is to advance research in the Arts and Humanities through the use and development of e-Science technologies.  In addition to a total budget of 2 million, six four-year PhD project studentships are available either as part of an e-Science Research Grant or as a stand alone.

More Information

EPSRC 2007 Advanced Research Fellowships  New                             9 Nov 06

Applications are invited for the 2007 Advanced Research Fellowships exercise.  Advanced Research Fellowships are awarded to outstanding researchers with between 3 10 years of postdoctoral experience. Fellows are expected to devote themselves to research for the period of the award (up to 5 years), with the expectation that they will have established an independent research career of international standing by the end of the award.  Approximately 50 of these awards are made each year.

More Information


Prize and Award Opportunities                                          top

We have acknowledged the need to raise the profile of the School both nationally and internationally.  Nominating individuals for awards, and working actively with others to ensure that deserving individuals are nominated is one way of doing that.

SIAM/ACM Award in Computational Science and Engineering New 30 Sep 06

The contribution(s) for which the award is made must be publicly available and may belong to any aspect of computational science in its broadest sense. The award will include a certificate and a cash prize of $5,000.
More Information

ACM Turing Award  New                                                                                31 Oct 06

ACM's most prestigious technical award is accompanied by a prize of $100,000. It is given to an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community. The contributions should be of lasting and major technical importance to the computer field. Financial support of the Turing Award is provided by the Intel Corporation.

More Information

ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award                                                             31 Oct 06

A prize of $15,000 awarded to the outstanding young computer professional of the year.

More Information

Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Awards                                   1 Dec 06

To support researchers confronted with the task of building a research team of sufficient scale to tackle an identified but distinctive research objective.  Each award will be at a level of up to 800,000 in total for up to five years of work. The intent is that the funds be used to provide each awardee with ten 'post-doctoral assistant years' and ten 'research student years' for the grant period, though other patterns would be permissible.

More Information


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Marjahan Begum Teaching Fellow

Adrian Albin-Clark Teaching Fellow

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Sabbatical Leave

Ian Horrocks: University of Bozen-Bolzano, Bell Labs, and Stanford University
Feb 06 Sep 06.

Peter Aczel: Nijmegen University, and Maths Institute at the University of Munich
Jan 06 Sep 06.

Alasdair Rawsthorne: 80% secondment to Transitive Technologies
Oct 05 Sep 06.

Alvaro Fernandes: IBM Almaden Research Centre US
Jul Dec 06.

Milan Mihajlovic: University of Maryland, College Park

Jul 06 Dec 06


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