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12th December 2005


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2006/7 Planning Cycle

The School strategic plan and budget for were finalised and submitted to Faculty last week.  As you all know, the plan builds substantially on the 2005/6 version, which we discussed at great length, but fills in some gaps and refines some of the targets.  Many thanks to all those who provided feedback.  The plans of all Schools in EPS have now been aggregated, and the overall outcome for the Faculty will discussed at an EPS Planning Meeting on Wednesday.  This may result in a final iteration of School plans.  I will arrange for the final version of the CS plan to be posted on the School intranet next week.

Ian Horrocks’ Roger Needham Lecture

A sizable delegation from the School attended the presentation of Ian’s Roger Needham award and public lecture at the Royal Society last week.  It proved to be a very enjoyable event, with Ian’s talk much praised.  It was good to see the School in the spotlight, though the efforts of one of our leading researchers.

Feedback on External Review of Research

Many thanks to the members of academic staff (a large proportion of the total) who attended the meeting convened last week to discuss the outcome of the external review of the School’s research.  As everyone is aware, we received very favourable comments from the review panel, so the overall message is positive.  More detailed analysis suggests, however, that there are weaknesses we need to address, if we are to achieve the level of excellence to which we aspire.  We had a very constructive discussion at the meeting, which John Gurd and I will be following up with more detailed discussions with research groups.

Seminars                                                                            top

NW-Grid Seminar                                                                                       Tues 13 Dec

Six speakers – introduction to Grid and middleware
Merrison Lecture Theatre, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory

Electronic Design Automation New                                                       Wed 14 Dec

Professor Andrew Brown. University of Southampton
1415-1515, Lecture Theatre 1.5, Kilburn Building

Logic/Philosophy  Seminar New                                                             Wed 14 Dec

Graham Priest, St Andrews & Melbourne
1600-1700, Room OG19, Humanities Building, Dover St.

Text Mining - A Cure for Depression? New                                              Fri 16 Dec

The Trials, Tribulations and Fantasies of a Database Curator
Professor Theresa Attwood, Faculty of Life Sciences
1400-1500 E7 lecture theatre,Renold Building

Regular Seminar Series

See links in contents bar for information on seminar series organised by the School of CS, E-Science North West and National Centre for Text Mining.

Internal Meetings and Events                                            top

None of general interest this week

Events Calendar                                                                 top

Manchester Turing Lecture                                                                          25 Jan 06

Lifestyle access for the disabled – adding positive drift to the random walk with technology.  Chris Mairs, Data Connection.
Registration necessary. 
More Information

EPSRC Public Engagement Workshops                                    8 Feb & 9 Mar 06

Introducing PE to ‘virgins’ and passing on best practice.  Space limited.
More information and registration.

Genomes to Systems Conference                                                       22-24 Mar 06

An important conference concerning the latest concepts and breakthroughs in genomics and systems biology.  Discounted registration before 31 Dec 05
More Information

Funding Opportunities                                                       top

University of Manchester-IBM Partners Programme                            12 Dec 05

Partners will be working in areas of overlapping strategic importance to both organisations and through partnership will work together to achieve organisational goals. They will be supported to spend time interacting with each other and developing and promulgating an understanding of each organisation thereby identifying substantive areas of activity. The programme will also act as an enabler in developing the IBM-UoM relationship and the understanding between the organisations and will contribute to the Partners’ personal development.  

If you require further information/clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Phil Galvin via e-mail on or phone 0161 275 3062

BBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS)                                 

BBSRC's International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS) provides support to help scientists make and establish new contacts with their international counterparts. Funding is available to BBSRC grantholders, and researchers working on BBSRC-supported projects at BBSRC-sponsored Institutes for travel and subsistence for three main types of visit. The scheme is open to bids at any time (at least 6 weeks before travel) with payments being made in advance of any visits. Please note BBSRC-supported students are not eligible to travel under ISIS support.

More Information

Research Councils Follow-on Fund                                                         14 Dec 05

"Follow-on-funds" provide financial support for projects with a clear commercial concept to accelerate their progress towards commercialisation. EPSRC funding will be limited to a total of £285k for UoM, with a maximum for individual projects of £110k under fEC. There are no restrictions on applications to BBSRC, NERC and PPARC.  Applications will be coordinated by UMIP with Richard Price the primary EPS contact.  Members of staff interested in applying should complete the attached template and e-mail to Richard Price by 4pm on Wednesday 14th December 2005. The final deadline for submissions has also been confirmed as February 17th 2006. Template

More information

Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships       14 Dec 05

The Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships were established through the generosity of the Leverhulme Trust and seek to provide opportunities for academic researchers to be relieved of all their teaching and administrative duties.  These appointments enable academic researchers to concentrate on full-time research for up to one year.  Applicants must be of postdoctoral status or equivalent, hold a permanent post in a UK University and be at a stage in their career when they would particularly benefit from a period of full-time research.

More Information

Toshiba Fellowship Programme 2006                                                      15 Dec 05

Toshiba, supported by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) is offering outstanding European scientists the opportunity to join one of its high-technology research teams in Japan for up to two years.
The Toshiba Fellowship Programme is open to PhD level researchers of EU nationality currently working in a UK academic institution. The research areas vary broadly from year to year in the field of science and engineering. The Programme offers the successful Fellow a generous package including a fixed salary and travel to and from Japan.

More Information

BBSRC Industry Interchange Programme                                              16 Dec 05

The movement of people is considered one of the best forms of knowledge transfer and there is potentially great benefit to the UK economy and society from supporting such opportunities. BBSRC is piloting the Industry Interchange Programme to support the short-term exchange, in either direction, of researchers between the science base and industry. The objective of the Programme is to support Interchanges that provide strategic advantage to the UK science base and industry arising from reciprocal access to facilities, expertise and/or knowledge, and an increased understanding of scientific issues of common concern.

More Information

 Weizmann Institute Visiting Professorships New                                  31 Dec05

The Visiting Professorships are available to suitable candidates from all countries. They are intended for outstanding scientists from institutions of higher learning and research institutions, who have achieved appropriate recognition in their fields of activity and who hold the rank of Full Professor (or an equivalent rank) in their home institutions.  The Visiting Professorships are awarded for a period of from two months to a maximun of one year and provide financial remuneration in accordance with the Weizmann Institute salary scale for visiting scientists. (The average stay is three months.) Recipients are eligible for a round trip air fare (at the cheapest direct commercial fare) for the awardee and spouse, and rent-free housing. 

More Information

EPSRC Senior Media Fellowships                                                             26 Jan 06

The Public Engagement Programme invites applications for Senior Media Fellowships. These enable leading researchers to devote time to develop a higher media profile. The aim is to advance public engagement with the physical sciences, mathematics and engineering via the broadcast and written media. Senior Media Fellowships are intended to be used for active development of media opportunities (not research, scholarship or teaching).

More Information

Royal Commission Research Fellowships                                             23 Feb 06

The scheme of 1851 Research Fellowships is intended to give a few young scientists or engineers of exceptional promise the opportunity for conducting research for a further period of two years. Approximately six awards are made each year. Candidates in science subjects must normally be in possession of a PhD degree, or in the final stages of their PhD studies. 
The Fellowships are open to candidates in any of the physical or biological sciences, in mathematics, in applied science, or in any branch of engineering.

More Information

Prize and Award Opportunities                                         top

We have acknowledged the need to raise the profile of the School both nationally and internationally.  Nominating individuals for awards, and working actively with others to ensure that deserving individuals are nominated is one way of doing that.

Roger Needham Award                                                                                21 Dec 05

The Roger Needham Award, sponsored by Microsoft Research, and established in memory of the late Roger Needham, is for a distinguished research contribution in computer science by a UK based researcher within ten years of their PhD.  It consists of a £5000 prize together with an opportunity to give a public lecture on their work.

More information

IEEE Internet Award                                                                                       31 Jan 06

The IEEE Internet Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in June of 1999. It is presented annually for exceptional contributions to the advancement of Internet technology for network architecture, mobility and/or end-use applications. This award can be given to an individual or team of up to three.

More Information

The IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award                                                                31 Jan 06

The IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1986 for outstanding contributions to the integration of computers and communications. This award can be given to an individual, multiple recipients, or a team.

More Information

The IEEE Emanuel R Piore Award                                                            31 Jan  06

The IEEE Emanuel R. Piore award is presented annually to an individual, or team of two individuals, for outstanding contributions in the field of information processing, in relation to computer science, deemed to have contributed significantly to the advancement of science and to the betterment of society.

More Information

Research Awards                                                               top

None this week

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None this week

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None this week

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None this week

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None this week

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Administrative Departures

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Sabbatical Leave

Andrei Voronkov: Microsoft Research, Redmond USA
Aug 05 – Aug 06.

Ian Horrocks: University of Bozen-Bolzano, Bell Labs, and Stanford University
Feb 06 – Sep 06.

Peter Aczel: Nijmegen University, and Maths Institute at the University of Munich
Jan 06 – Sep 06.

Alasdair Rawsthorne: 80% secondment to Transitive Technologies
Oct 05 – Sep 06.

Alvaro Fernandes: IBM Almaden Research Centre US
Jul – Dec 06.

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