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14th November 2005


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Another Maths Tower Incident

I was horrified to hear on Friday that there was yet another potentially lethal incident associated with the Maths Tower demolition work.  Both Hilary and I have made it clear to the University Safety Adviser that this situation is completely unacceptable and have asked them, as a matter of urgency, to put in place measures that will provide the safe environment our staff and students have the right to expect.  We have been assured that an internal investigation is underway and that we will be kept informed. I have notified the Dean of the incident.  I hope the University can convince us that they are able to resolve the problems with the contractor and ensure our safety in the future.  In the mean time, please be as vigilant as you can when you are anywhere in the vicinity of the Tower – Friday’s incident actually occurred on Oxford Road at the end of Wilton St.

External Review of CS and Informatics

The external review panel reported to the Deans of EPS and Humanities on Thursday and I have now had sight of the report. It is not yet clear whether the Deans will be willing for it to be made public but I will certainly press for it to be made available to all staff in the School.  It may be that some comments relate too obviously to individuals for this to be appropriate, in which case I will seek for a suitably anonymised version to be put in the public domain.  In the meantime, I would like you all to know that the panel could hardly have been more complimentary about Computer Science, saying they found “much to praise and little to criticise”.  It is clear that they were impressed by all the CS staff and students they spoke to.  I am delighted, but not surprised, that this very experienced and distinguished group of academics came to such a postitive conclusion.  The report recognises that there are problems of overlap between CS and Informatics, analyses the situation in some detail, and makes recommendations for action that could lead to two successful Schools, with  distinct research and teaching missions.  No significant change is proposed for Computer Science.

Interviews for Temporary Lectureship

This week we will be interviewing for a temporary lectureship to support Ian Horrocks during his tenure of an EPSRC Senior Fellowship.  The shortlisted candidates will be giving seminars this Monday (see below) and the interviews will take place on Tuesday.


Seminars                                                                            top

Understanding Web Ontologies  New                                                   Mon 14 Nov

Bijan Parsia, MIND Laboratory, University of Maryland

1000-1100, Atlas 1, Kilburn Building

Failed Proofs of Non-Theorems  New                                                   Mon 14 Nov

Louise Dennis, University of Nottingham

1300-1400, Atlas 1, Kilburn Building


Why Small Description Logics Deserve More Love                         Wed 16 Nov

Dr Sebastian Brandt. TU Dresden

1415-1515, Lecture Theatre 1.5, Kilburn Building

School seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons.  The 2005/6 series is underway, the programme is available online.

Internal Meetings and Events                                            top

Scientific Visualization Day and Clinic – AVS/Express                  Tues 13 Nov

Manchester Visualization Centre in collaboration with the UK AVS+Uniras User Group (UAUUG) is holding a Scientific Visualization day on Tuesday 13th December 2005. The theme of the day is visualization in geological sciences with key talks from Oxford Visual Geosciences Ltd, the British Geological Society, Virtalis and AVS Inc; finishing with a generic visualization clinic.Although the theme is geological sciences, AVS/Express (the key software of the event) can be used in many disciplines, therefore the visualization techniques discussed in the day will be useful to anybody wishing to do scientific visualization. The meeting will be held in Manchester Computing, starting at 10 am and finishing at 4 pm. Attendance is free, lunch will be provided.  To confirm attendance please email

Events Calendar                                                                 top

BCS Roger Needham Lecture   New                                                            7 Dec 05

Ian Horrocks will be receiving his BCS Roger Needham award and presenting the eponymous lecture at the Royal Society, London.

Manchester Turing Lecture                                                                          25 Jan 06

More Information

EPSRC Public Engagement Workshops                                    8 Feb & 9 Mar 06

Introducing PE to ‘virgins’ and passing on best practice.  Space limited.

More information and registration.

Funding Opportunities                                                       top

Research Councils Follow-on Fund  New                                               14 Dec 05

 "Follow-on-funds" provide financial support for projects with a clear commercial concept to accelerate their progress towards commercialisation. EPSRC funding will be limited to a total of £285k for UoM, with a maximum for individual projects of £110k under fEC. There are no restrictions on applications to BBSRC, NERC and PPARC.  Applications will be coordinated by UMIP with Richard Price the primary EPS contact.

More information

Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships       14 Dec 05

The Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships were established through the generosity of the Leverhulme Trust and seek to provide opportunities for academic researchers to be relieved of all their teaching and administrative duties.  These appointments enable academic researchers to concentrate on full-time research for up to one year.
Applicants must be of postdoctoral status or equivalent, hold a permanent post in a UK University and be at a stage in their career when they would particularly benefit from a period of full-time research.

More Information


Toshiba Fellowship Programme 2006                                                                        15 Dec 05

Toshiba, supported by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) is offering outstanding European scientists the opportunity to join one of its high-technology research teams in Japan for up to two years.
The Toshiba Fellowship Programme is open to PhD level researchers of EU nationality currently working in a UK academic institution. The research areas vary broadly from year to year in the field of science and engineering. The Programme offers the successful Fellow a generous package including a fixed salary and travel to and from Japan.

More Information

BBSRC Industry Interchange Programme                                              16 Dec 05

The movement of people is considered one of the best forms of knowledge
transfer and there is potentially great benefit to the UK economy and
society from supporting such opportunities. BBSRC is piloting the
Industry Interchange Programme to support the short-term exchange, in
either direction, of researchers between the science base and industry.
The objective of the Programme is to support Interchanges that provide
strategic advantage to the UK science base and industry arising from
reciprocal access to facilities, expertise and/or knowledge, and an
increased understanding of scientific issues of common concern.

More Information

Prize and Award Opportunities                                         top

We have acknowledged the need to raise the profile of the School both nationally and internationally.  Nominating individuals for awards, and working actively with others to ensure that deserving individuals are nominated is one way of doing that.

Roger Needham Award                                                                                21 Dec 05

The Roger Needham Award, sponsored by Microsoft Research, and established in memory of the late Roger Needham, is for a distinguished research contribution in computer science by a UK based researcher within ten years of their PhD.  It consists of a £5000 prize together with an opportunity to give a public lecture on their work.

More information

IEEE Internet Award                                                                                       31 Jan 06

The IEEE Internet Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in June of 1999. It is presented annually for exceptional contributions to the advancement of Internet technology for network architecture, mobility and/or end-use applications. This award can be given to an individual or team of up to three.

More Information

The IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award                                                                31 Jan 06

The IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1986 for outstanding contributions to the integration of computers and communications.
This award can be given to an individual, multiple recipients, or a team.

More Information

The IEEE Emanuel R Piore Award                                                            31 Jan  06

The IEEE Emanuel R. Piore award is presented annually to an individual, or team of two individuals, for outstanding contributions in the field of information processing, in relation to computer science, deemed to have contributed significantly to the advancement of science and to the betterment of society.

More Information

Research Awards                                                               top

Awards and Promotions

None this week

Academic Arrivals

None this week

Academic Departures

None this week

Research Arrivals

None this week

Research Departures

None this week

Administrative Arrivals

Sarah Lowe – Postgraduate Admissions Assistant

Administrative Departures


Sabbatical Leave

Andrei Voronkov: Microsoft Research, Redmond USA
Aug 05 – Aug 06.

Ian Horrocks: University of Bozen-Bolzano, Bell Labs, and Stanford University
Feb 06 – Sep 06.

Peter Aczel: Nijmegen University, and Maths Institute at the University of Munich
Jan 06 – Sep 06.

Alasdair Rawsthorne: 80% secondment to Transitive Technologies
Oct 05 – Sep 06.

Alvaro Fernandes: IBM Almaden Research Centre US
Jul – Dec 06.


Vacancies                                                                           top

Academic Staff

Interviews taking place for Temporary Lectureship post on Tuesday 15th Nov.  Seminars being given by candidates on Monday 14the Nov.  See Seminars section above

Research Staff


Administrative Staff