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Once an expense form has been completed and has all the required receipts and authorisation the finance office shall take no longer than 2 working days to process and pass it on to HR.

HR usually pay all expense claims within two weeks. Expenses paid into non-UK banks may take longer.

If you have not received any payment after 30 days please contact the finance office to chase the payment for you.

I-Proc Ordering

Once a requisition has been raised on i-Proc it will automatically go to the approver.

Once the approver on the account has approved the order it will then pass on to the finance hub for distribution to the suppliers.

The only exception is that orders over 1000 will then be approved by the Head of School.

Orders over 3000 will need either 3 quotes or a reason why 3 quotes aren't required.

Orders over 10000 will be approved by the Head of Faculty Finance, Pauline Morgan.

Egencia (travel bookings)

If you are not currently on the Egencia system please submit your booking request to ACSO.

Credit Card Ordering

Even though certain items can be bought more cheaply on the credit card, the University as a whole incurs greater cost and liability.

However the credit card can be used for the following:

  • Registrations and subscriptions (if the company doesn't accept purchase orders)
  • Hotel booking (in the extreme case where there is no suitable option on Egencia)
  • Unique products (items that are only available from one source who won't accept a bank transfer via a one-off payment)
  • Urgent payments due to unforseen circumstances

General Queries

All queries sent to will be responded to within 2 working days.