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Purchase orders

Purchase form

We cannot accept electronic signatures. Please print the form.


  • A purchase order request form should be filled in for all orders, except for three suppliers, Delta and DHL. For Delta Travel please email ACSO, for DHL email the finance office.
  • Will all staff using the monthly DHL purchase order number make sure that they supply the finance office staff with the details of the package that was sent, where to charge it to etc.. This system was created for your convenience please don't abuse it.
  • If the order is above 2000, you should provide three quotations, unless the supplier you are using is approved by the Purchasing CuPID database.
  • All purchase orders should be signed by the account holder or an approved signatory.
  • All equipment orders should be signed by Mike Keeley or Tony Curran.
  • Please note that all orders above 5000 have to be approved by the Purchasing Officer and thus are likely to take up to a week to process.
  • Please fill in all details (name of sender with contact details, date, supplier, account to be charged) and write legibly! Also please note that in the column titled Estimated Item Price you should put the price of each individual item, not the total price if there are multiple items.
  • We no longer need you to work out the VAT total so please total the items and leave VAT out.