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I & E codes

Item Category (on I-Proc) Expenditure (On I-Proc/manual expenses) Preferred I-Proc Supplier
Bus TK.ZZ 4334 Stagecoach
Car Hire TH.ZZ 4312 Egencia, Arnold Clark, Robins & Day
Coach Hire TK.ZZ 4334 Finglands, R Bullock, Mayne
Ferry TC.ZZ 4330 n/a
Flights outisde of Europe TB.BZ 4332 Egencia
Flights within Europe TB.AZ 4332 Egencia
Flights within the UK TB.ZZ 4331 Egencia
Hotels Abroad TA.BZ 4241 Egencia
Hotels in the UK TA.AZ 4240 Egencia
Petrol TE.ZZ 4310 n/a
Taxi TD.ZZ 4314 Manchester Taxi Division Ltd t/a Mantax
Train Travel TF.ZZ 4333 Egencia
Van Hire TJ.ZZ 4312 Egencia
Catering CZ.ZZ 4020 Food on Campus, Impact Catering, Opal Hospitality
Conferences/Meetings abroad RB.BZ 4338 n/a
Conferences/meetings in the UK RB.AZ 4337 UOM Conferences (if in Manchester)
Food and Drink TG.ZZ 4150 In Manchester: Kro, Choice Bar, Don Giovanni’s, Efes, Red Chilli, Tai Pan, Tai Wu, The Restaurant Bar & Grill, East Z East, Malmaison Brasserie
Gasses LN.BZ 4090 BOC
Lab Consumables LK.ZZ 4090 Farnell, Fisher, Agar, Sigma
Lab Equipment (less than £25,000) LC.AZ 6010 Various
Workshop Equipment (less than £25,000) MG.AZ 6010 Various
Desktop Computers KH.AZ 6010 Dell, Apple, Insight
Laptops KK.AZ 6010 Stone Computers, Apple, Dell, Insight, John Lewis
Printer Cartridges KC.ZZ 4080 Insight Direct
Stationery SJ.ZZ 4140 Lyreco, Chariot
Water CR.ZZ 4020 Aquaid
Books BB.AZ 4010 Blackwells
Delivery Charges/ Postage QD.AZ 4122 Deltec, DHL, Royal Mail, Fed Ex
Software KE.ZZ 4081 Various
Temporary Staff RK.ZZ 3000 Work Solutions