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Expense claim form

Staff expenses

Please use the online system found in your Staff Portal

Essential information

  • Claimant's name.
  • Claimant's signature.
  • Claiment's date of birth.
  • Staff must provide University of Manchester Staff Number (found on pay slip).
  • Non Staff must provide bank details.
  • Staff must state the reason for the claim.
  • In the case of non staff all account information can be completed by the finance office.
  • All forms must have an account code and an Income and Expenditure (I & E) code.
  • Staff and Students must obtain authorised signature from the account holder (box at top of page).
  • The authorised signature section is for Phillip McDonald or the Principal Investigator on a project to sign. If the expense claim is for over £1000 Liz Caine will also need to sign.
  • The finance office recommends that you keep a copy of submitted claim forms for your own record.

Account codes

This will be a 7 digit code beginning with AA, BA, CA, LA, MH, P or R

Task codes

If you are claiming on a code beginning with P or R you will need to enter a task code.

The most common tasks are:

  • A05 for travel and subsistence
  • A07 for consumables and small equipment
  • All other account codes do not need a task.

I & E codes

These relate specifically to your expense

The most frequently used are:

  • Hotels in the UK: 4240
  • Hotel Abroad: 4241
  • Flights within the UK: 4331
  • Flights outide of the UK: 4332
  • Taxis: 4314
  • Trains: 4333
  • Bus: 4334
  • Ferry: 4330
  • Food and drink: 4150

A more complete list if I & E codes is available here.

Claiming for petrol

When claiming for petrol please use either the online expense form (staff) or the PR7 (non-staff)

The I & E code is: 4310

The rates of reimbursement are:

  • 40p per mile for the first 150 miles
  • 25p per mile thereafter