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Advance claim forms

Claim Form- Sterling Payment PR4A

This information is intended to clarify how advance claim forms should be used. There are separate forms for foreign currency (including travellers cheques) and sterling.

In both cases a claimant must complete two forms named 'A' (prior to trip) and 'B' (on return).

General Conditions

  • The system is designed to provide funds only where it is impossible for items to be charged directly to the University and paid upon invoice.
  • Advances are for those people away from the University on University business only where the incurred expenses will exceed 200 pounds. A claim for less than this amount should not be made unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Advances are not payable for equipment or goods - these must be bought by the University and paid for upon receipt of an invoice
  • If the claimant is not able to collect the money from the income office, they need to give a letter of authorisation for a representative to collect the money from them. This person then acts as the claimant would, therefore they need to check the money just as the claimant would.

Part A (submit 3 weeks before trip - preferably earlier)

Part B (submit within 10 days of return - preferably sooner)